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JW White

White Walker: by Johnnie Walker 

 “This limited edition bottle utilizes thermochromic ink to give fans a frosty surprise message when frozen. With flavor notes like caramelized sugar, vanilla, and fresh red berries, White Walker by Johnnie Walker makes for a delicious serve. The new is best served ice cold, inspired by the White Walkers beyond The Wall.”

PRICE: $39/btl 

~ IN-STOCK ~  


We are not responsible for any typographical errors or why Sansa and Arya Stark look nothing alike. Please contact the store with any questions.

The Park Avenue Liquor Shop | 212-685-2442 | 212-689-6247 |  parkaveliquor.com

Park Ave

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2019/01/white-walker-by-johnnie-walker-at-the-park-ave-liquor-shop-scotch-whisky-news/

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