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Glen Scotia 25

Arguably, one of the single greatest whiskies that has ever touched my lips. An all bourbon cask matured, Campbeltown whisky, aged for as long as I’ve existed on the planet and bottled at a higher strength, with no chill filtration and at natural colour. This is one of the best whiskies that I’ve ever come across and by all means, one of the most well balanced as well. A true stunner from the guys and gals at Glen Scotia, their 25YO is to die for. Cheers!



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NEW WHISKY RELEASE: OCTOBER 21st Cider Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky (Batch 2) – American Whiskey News


NEW WHISKY RELEASE: OCTOBER 21st Cider Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky (Batch 2)


It’s officially Fall y’all and we’re excited to release Batch #2 of our Cider Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky at our Lovingston Visitors Center on Saturday, October 21st! Be among the first to try it along with our seasonally inspired cocktails and a bite to eat from the Dr. Ho’s food truck.

Cider Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky is a culmination of Old World and New World whisky making, showcasing 100% malted barley whisky made on-site in Virginia married with whisky from Scotland and finished for 10 months in cider casks from our friends at Potter’s Craft Cider in Free Union, Virginia.


Tasting Notes:  Notes of vanilla, apple and pear are evident on the nose. On the palate, soft creaminess and sweetness from the malt mingle with caramelized wood sugars from the oak, pairing nicely with a touch of acidity from the cider barrel.  Enjoy neat, with a cube or a splash of water or in your favorite Fall-inspired cocktail.  Retail Price: $64.59      Production: 260 cases in 750mL bottles

Where Can You Find It?

Outside of the Visitors Center, this whisky will also be available in select stores throughout Connecticut, DC, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Virginia beginning in late Fall.



Ever wanted to own a cask of whisky? Our Cask Society program allows you to purchase a cask of our coveted Virginia Single Malt Whisky. As a Cask Society member, you will also gain instant access to specialty perks as you wait for your whisky to age.

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6 Duncan Tait Low-res web use (002)



Excitement surrounding GlenWyvis Distillery in Dingwall has reached a whole new level, this week, as the appointment of the very first distillery manager is confirmed and the first target of £250,000 is achieved on the second share offer campaign.

Announcing the new distillery manager appointment, David O’Connor, chairman of GlenWyvis Distillery said: “This is a particularly special appointment as it is the lynch-pin to the next stage of our development, as we move from construction to distilling and production. We had a lot of good interest in this post – but there was one outstanding candidate.

“So we are delighted to bring Duncan Tait on board as our very first distillery manager. Currently distillery manager at Mortlach Distillery, Duncan brings with him a wealth of distilling experience and in-depth knowledge of the whisky and tourism industry.

“He has many years of experience in distillery growth and team development and this is vital to us, as we prepare to open our doors, start our distilling operation and look to develop the GlenWyvis visitor experience. He also has a great knowledge of the local area and local whisky history, and along with his great character and personality, he will most definitely help to make the GlenWyvis brand a success in the global whisky arena.”

Commenting on his new role, Duncan Tait, GlenWyvis Distillery’s very first distillery manager, said: “This is a tremendous opportunity to be part of a distilling journey at the very start, and amazing to become the very first distillery manager here at GlenWyvis.

Duncan added: “I have a strong affiliation with the Easter Ross area, having started my career at Teaninich Distillery in Alness, and I’m delighted to be coming back. There is such a wealth of Highland heritage linked to the distillery and I am particularly interested in how that interlinks with our community development aspirations as we welcome our first tours to GlenWyvis in due course.

“I have enjoyed many years whisky distilling in Speyside and see this as a fantastic career move to join the GlenWyvis team in the creation of the first 100% community owned distillery.”

The now five strong team at GlenWyvis has been working round the clock to make their second share offer a success with gin tastings, promotions, attendance at local and national events and numerous media and TV appearances.

David O’Connor added: “Coincidentally, as we appoint Duncan, we are also seeing a continued surge of active share offer investors and this has pushed our target over the quarter million pound mark this week, showing we still have a popular ongoing investor proposition.”

Hitting the first ‘whisky magic’ rung of £250,000 is the first step towards the distillery’s overall aim of raising an additional £750,000 on its second share offer. The funds raised will be used to accelerate the GlenWyvis brand development, to bring gin distilling to Dingwall and to reduce commercial lending costs.

 James Proctor, Programme Manager at Community Shares Scotland said: “We are delighted to see this ambitious project hit its initial investment target so quickly and also congratulate them on this important appointment of the first distillery manager.

“The growing numbers of GlenWyvis members is testament to the power of the idea of a community-owned distillery. It’s a great example of how a Community Shares offer can involve people and has expanded the idea of what a community business is. We look forward to the opening of the distillery and seeing more people take the opportunity to invest in this pioneering enterprise.”

The GlenWyvis Distillery, which will be entirely powered by green energy, is nearing completion at the Heights of Dochcarty by Dingwall and is on-schedule to open next month.


Duncan Tait Distillery Manager Biography – newly appointed to GlenWyvis

Duncan has worked for Diageo across all aspects of distillery and distilling management with an impressive track-record with over 26 years in the industry. Working mainly in Speyside – but also with Lothians and West Coast distillery experience.

He brings with him an impressive knowledge of all aspects of distillery, production development and retail management including overseeing the upgrade and expansion work of numerous distilleries. In addition, he has a wealth of Scottish tourism, event management and heritage experience and has worked with many international visitors and markets.

Second Share offer investment

GlenWyvis already had some 2,600 members who invested £2.6 million in the original share offer in 2016 and this new open share offer has already added a further 400 members in just two months. The share issue was launched to capitalise on continued interest from locals and visitors alike. The minimum investment is £250 for all investors, and supporters are also able pay extra to have their name added to the distillery wall or the “path to the stills”.

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2017/10/whisky-magic-at-glenwyvis-distillery-as-very-first-distillery-manager-hired-and-250000-target-reached-scotch-whisky-news/




 Whisky club bottles single casks from an Indian distillery for the first time in its ongoing mission to explore the spectrum of flavours in whisky

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) [www.smws.com/] is spicing things up in October with the release of two new Indian single cask malts from a prominent distillery in Goa. The distillery is the 134th to be bottled by the Society, and marks the first time they have bottled from the Goan distillery, which rarely releases aged single cask, single malts.

In traditional Society style, the bottles are named after their flavour and aroma – ‘Exotic rainforest fruits’ and ‘Lip-smacking and cockle-warming’. Both whiskies are six years old and were matured in refill ex-bourbon casks. Priced at £145 each, the bottles will be available to Society members via a ballot from 19 October.

‘Exotic rainforest fruits’, which is one of only 174 bottles drawn from the single cask, was distilled on 28th February 2010 and is released under the Society’s Sweet, Fruity Mellow flavour profile. The Society’s expert Tasting Panel describes the whisky as taking the drinker “into the realms of the exotic with a profusion of tropical fruits combined with the woody humidity of a rainforest.”

‘Lip-smacking and cockle-warming’, which is one of only 168 bottles, was distilled on 31st March 2010 and was placed in the Juicy Oak and Vanilla flavour profile by the Society’s Tasting Panel. They note the whisky as having flavours of “caramel apple granny cake in a wooden cabinet, toasted coconut and pears in honey.”

Distillery 134 is located in Goa on the western coast of India. The warm, tropical climate of the region, where the average temperature reaches up to 30°C, has a significant impact on the whisky maturation process.

While the casks are stored in an underground temperature-controlled cellar, the heat makes the whisky mature faster than it would in colder climates such as Scotland. It also leads to more whisky evaporating – the ‘angel’s share’ of Indian whiskies is around 8% compared to around 2% in Scotland. This high level of evaporation makes it exceedingly difficult to age the whisky for longer periods, making the six-year-old bottling exceptionally rare.

This combination of temperature combined with the carefully selected American white oak casks gives the whiskies distinct flavours such as spices, marmalade, chocolate, coconut, dry fruit, vanilla and honey.

Kai Ivalo, Spirits Director at the Society, said: “Our aim at the Society is to search the world for exciting single casks to share with our members. These two casks from Goa are perfect examples – it’s fascinating to see how the different climate and faster maturation process there has created such an amazing array of juicy, sweet and spicy flavours. This is the first time we’ve bottled from distillery 134 and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from our members.” 

‘Exotic rainforest fruits’ and ‘Lip-smacking and cockle-warming’ will be released in the UK and EU on 19 October. Due to the high demand anticipated for these new releases, SMWS will hold a ballot to ensure all members have an equal opportunity to purchase.

Other key SMWS branches such as Australia and the US will launch the bottles later in 2017.  


@smwsuk #smws



134.1 – ‘Exotic rainforest fruits’ 

  • Distillation date: 28/02/10
  • Goa, India
  • ABV: 57.9%
  • Age: 6
  • Outturn: 174
  • Price: £145
  • Sweet, Fruity Mellow
  • Cask: Refill ex-bourbon

We found ourselves careering at some pace into the realms of the exotic as a profusion of tropical fruits combined with the woody humidity of a rainforest. Generous helpings of sweet mango, ripe banana and passion fruit were teased by light and floral lychee, white lily and carnation. Warming spice entered from the left with cinnamon, nutmeg and masala chai tea with a sweet earthy note that developed into new leather-bound books before turning to oregano, lemongrass and camomile. A luscious and rich vein continued throughout like hot toffee, milk chocolate and thick cream and finishing in the most splendid fashion with candied orange and apricot brandy.

134.2 – ‘Lip-smacking and cockle-warming’ 

  • Distillation date: 31/03/10
  • Goa, India
  • ABV: 58.0%
  • Age: 6
  • Outturn: 168
  • Price: £145
  • Juicy, Oak Vanilla
  • Cask: Refill ex-bourbon

The initial nose is sweet (honey, custard donut, candy corn, caramel apple granny cake); then the wood influence comes (wooden cabinets, toasted coconut, dusty tobacco). The palate also has initial sweetness (pain au chocolat, chocolate raisins, brown sugar), followed by big woody spice (oak, anise, chilli, liquorice). The reduced nose continues that duality – sweetie necklaces, pears in honey and ginger cake against wooden shelves in a shoe shop and pipe racks. The reduced palate is similar, but somehow more integrated – Madeiran honey cake (bolo de mel), bourbon biscuits, Oddfellows, sweet chilli and muscovado on toasted staves – lip-smacking, tasty and cockle-warming. 



About The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

  • The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is an international whisky club that bottles rare single cask, single malt whisky, and a range of other spirits
  • The Society was established in Edinburgh in 1983 and now has more than 26,000 members and branches around the world
  • The Society only ever bottles single casks – each cask is unique, making every Society bottling a limited edition
  • The Society has bottled whisky from more than 134 distilleries in its history
  • The Society releases a new batch of around 20 single cask, single malt whiskies every month
  • The Society offers different levels of membership
  • For more information about the Society, visit www.smws.com/
  • The Society doesn’t reveal distillery names as they have a gentleman’s agreement with the distilleries and it compromises their ability to secure further stocks; where possible we’d appreciate it if you could not reveal the names

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2017/10/the-scotch-malt-whisky-society-spices-things-up-with-pair-of-indian-single-malts-indian-whisky-news/

New Single Barrel of Auchroisk 23 Year at K&L California – Scotch Whisky News


New Single Barrel of Auchroisk 23 Year

While our previous cask of Auchroisk 15 year was a hot deal while it lasted, this advanced and equally brilliant 23 year old edition may have it beat. Absolutely brimming with sweet stone fruit, rock sugar candy, and syrup, this barrel of 53.3% cask strength single malt whisky from Diageo’s Highland distillery brings yet another bang for your buck under the guise of Old Particular. The nose has all the classic aromas of malted barley, vanilla, and oak spices, but it’s the initial blast on the palate where this whisky ultimately shines. Rich and robust on the finish, it’s a classic Scottish malt through and through and the unbeatable price reflects our continued effort to combat the current market forces with affordable, mature, and exciting whiskies straight from the source. If you’re a fan of straight-up single malt, not saturated sherry or super peaty whiskies, but old school, fruit and vanilla-laden Scotch with a rich and supple mouthfeel, then it doesn’t get better than this Auchroisk 23. The Johnnie Walker distillery makes classically flavored whiskies much like its neighbor Benrinnes, loaded with cocktail fruit, sweetness and charm. Any time I can nab a single barrel of 23 year old Highland whisky of this quality (at cask strength, no less) for under $100, I’m going to take that offer. I’m expecting about 200 experienced KL whisky customers to do the exact same thing.

1994 Auchroisk 23 Year Old “Old Particular” KL Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (750ml) – $89.99


Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2017/10/new-single-barrel-of-auchroisk-23-year-at-kl-california-scotch-whisky-news/

Scotch Malt Whisky Society “October Update: Flavoursome recommendations” – Scotch Whisky News

SMWS FeelGood

Don’t miss out on your favourite feelgood flavours this October Outturn, order now before these single casks are gone forever. These hand-picked recommendations are still available online.


The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ

Contact: sales@smws.com or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information

This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube videoSMWS LOGO 2017 NEW

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Just Whisky October Auction Now Live! – Whisky News


October Auction Now Live!

As the leaves turn from green to orange and fall from the trees around us here in Scotland, the nights are drawing in and there is a chill in the air. What better way to enjoy Autumn than a warming dram with good company? Even better – winning a new whisky to add to your collection and enjoying it at home? By all accounts our October auction plays host to the best selection of Whisky we’ve had on offer – with real gems and rarities galore. Auction highlights include some you see below …


Some of the October auction Highlights include (from left to right): Macallan Easter Elchies, Glenfiddich Winter Storm, Balvenie Vintage Cask, Old Pulteney Edinburgh Airport, Macallan Edition No.3, Talisker GM Floral Stencil, Macallan M by Lalique, Glendronach Kingsman, Bowmore 1973, Aultmore Centenary, Speyburn Flora Fauna, Highland Park Raven, Macallan SWMS 24.49, Glen Keith Cadenhead’s Dump and (deep breath!) Glenfiddich Straight Malt.


Dalmore 30 Years Old – CETI


Glendronach 25 Years Old 1991 – Kingsman Edition


Balvenie TUN Batches 1 – 9

Bidding ends from 8 pm on Sunday 22nd October

The whole auction is available now at www.just-whisky.co.uk

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Limited edition Glen Scotia Single Cask takes flight with World Duty Free at Edinburgh Airport – Scotch Whisky News

Glen Scotia

Limited edition Glen Scotia Single Cask takes flight with

World Duty Free at Edinburgh Airport 

Independent Campbeltown distillery Glen Scotia is set to launch a new limited edition Glen Scotia Single Cask release in partnership with World Duty Free and Edinburgh Airport.

Just 204 bottles of the 26-year-old Glen Scotia Single Cask No. 857 will be available at the World of Whiskies store in Edinburgh Airport. The Glen Scotia Single Cask is also the Campeltown distillery’s first release to be introduced at a UK airport.

Glen Scotia’s partnership with Edinburgh Airport and World Duty Free who own and operate the specialist World of Whiskies stores, follows successful sales of parent company Loch Lomond Group’s Loch Lomond Global Travel Retail (GTR) Scotch whisky range at World of Whiskies stores.

The Glen Scotia distillery, which has a history dating back to 1832, is located in Campbeltown, one of Scotland’s five Scotch whisky producing regions. In the Victorian age Campbeltown was known as the ‘whisky capital of the world’ and was home to more than 30 distilleries, but Glen Scotia is one of just three surviving distilleries locally.

Claire Branagan, non-beauty trading manager, World Duty Free at Edinburgh Airport, said: “It is very exciting to be offering this limited edition Glen Scotia Single Cask No. 857 bottling to our World of Whiskies customers at Edinburgh Airport, especially as this is the first time the brand has been made available at a UK airport.

“With just 204 bottles available, the Glen Scotia Single Cask No. 857 offers a wonderful opportunity to acquire a slice of Campbeltown’s whisky heritage.”

Distilled in April 1991 and bottled in August 2017 at a cask strength of 56.5% ABV, the Glen Scotia Single Cask No. 857 offers layers of honey and brown sugar with juicy pineapple and tangy orange peel. A salty edge, consistent with the distillery’s distinctive maritime-influenced character, leads to a warm ginger spiciness on the finish.

André de Almeida, managing director of Global Travel Retail at Loch Lomond Group, said: “We’re pleased to have created the Glen Scotia Single Cask No. 857 in partnership with Edinburgh Airport and World Duty Free. It is a true showcase of the distinctive character and craftsmanship offered by our Glen Scotia distillery in Campbeltown, one of Scotland’s five Scotch whisky producing regions.

“Single cask bottlings are very special and are only undertaken with select partners. Edinburgh Airport and World Duty Free now have something unique to offer to their customers and I hope travelers visiting Scotland will enjoy discovering both our Glen Scotia Single Cask Scotch whisky and the maritime influence of Campbeltown.” 

Richard Townsend, Retail Property Director for Edinburgh Airport, said: “Whisky is just one of the many things that Scotland is famous for and we are delighted to be able to offer our passengers this exclusive bottle of what is our national drink. With so many people passing through Scotland’s busiest airport, we are excited that visitors and locals alike have the opportunity to buy a unique expression of this fantastic single malt Scotch whisky.”

For further information, visit www.glenscotia.com

Glen Scotia A Eleanor Richmond, André de Almeida, Claire Branagan

L – R Eleanor Richmond from Edinburgh Airport, André de Almeida, managing director of Global Travel Retail at Loch Lomond Group and Claire Branagan, World Duty Free at Edinburgh Airport

Notes to editors: 

Retail price: £210 per 70cl bottle 

About Glen Scotia:

•        Independent distiller Glen Scotia has been producing single malt whisky in Campbeltown since 1832.

•        Glen Scotia is one of three surviving distilleries in Campbeltown.

•        Glen Scotia was named Best Campbeltown Distillery of the Year at the 2017 Berlin International Spirits Competition.



Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2017/10/limited-edition-glen-scotia-single-cask-takes-flight-with-world-duty-free-at-edinburgh-airport-scotch-whisky-news/

Isle of Arran Distillers sponsor new multi-arts Robert Burns Festival – Scotch Whisky News

Burns Unbroke

Isle of Arran Distillers sponsor new multi-arts Robert Burns Festival

Award winning scotch producer, Arran Distillers will be sponsoring Burns Unbroke, the inaugural multi-arts Robert Burns festival, at the Summerhall in Edinburgh this coming January.

The maker of the only official Burns Single Malt will be supporting the first Burns Unbroke festival as a headline sponsor alongside Creative Scotland and Scotland.org. They are also planning exciting events to celebrate the Bard including whisky masterclasses.

Running for six weeks from the 25th January 2018, the program will celebrate the plethora of artistic and performing talent in Scotland, and beyond, through the prism offered by new interpretations of the life and work of Robert Burns.

Euan Mitchell, managing director of Isle of Arran Distillers, said: “As the producer of the official Burns Malt, it was a no brainer for us to get involved in a festival that shares our passion for the poet.

“As a distillery, we may take a very traditional approach to production – with an eye to the proud heritage of Scotch – but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t eager to experiement and introduce new people to the spirit.

“With Burns Unbroke, we’re really excited to be helping bring the Bard to a contemporary audience and give up-and-coming Scottish artists a much deserved platform.”

The inspiration for the Burns Unbroke title comes from the epigraph printed at the beginning of Burns’s first poetry collection, the Kilmarnock edition, published in 1786*.

The festival‘s innovative visual arts programme features over 30 visual artists and there will be newly commissioned work by four Scottish based artists. In addition, the programme of events includes an Alternative Burns Night, spoken word performances, children’s performances and a tailor made programme of music.

Sheilagh Tennant, Burns Unbroke Director, says “Burns Unbroke provides the opportunity, for the first time, to bring together such an impressive range of visual and performance artists under one banner.”

Burns Unbroke runs at Summerhall from 25 January – 10 March 2018, with the majority of performance events focussed around the weekend of 26-28 January. The exhibitions will be open to the public, Tuesdays to Sundays, throughout the six weeks and entry is free.

*The Simple Bard, unbroke by rules of art.
He pours the wild effusions of the heart:
And if inspir’d ‘tis Nature’s pow’rs inspire;
Her’s all the melting thrill, and her’s the kindling fire

Arran Logo Brown.


For more information visit www.arranwhisky.com

Accolades for Isle of Arran Distillery include Winner for: Best New Exporter (2004), Queen’s Award for International Trade (2005), Scottish Distiller of the Year (2007) and Scottish Drinks Producer of the Year (2007.)
Scottish Field Visitor Experience of the Year 2014 2015.

Product awards include: Best Whisky Liqueur (2007), ‘Best Single Malt Scotch 12 Years Under’ for The Arran Malt Amarone Cask Finish (2008) ‘Best Single Malt Scotch 11-15 Years’ for The Arran Malt Sherry Single Cask 1998 (2010) and ‘Best Single Malt Scotch 11-15 Years’ for the Icons of Arran Peacock (2011.) ‘Double Gold Award’ for Arran’s 14 Year Old Single Malt and ‘Gold Award’ for Arran’s 10 Year Old Single Malt at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2012). Double Gold in FiftyBest.com awards (2012). Double Gold Medal for the 12 year-old Cask Strength in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2013). Double Gold for both the 10 year-old and 12 year-old Cask Strength at the China Wine Spirits Best Value Awards 2014.

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2017/10/isle-of-arran-distillers-sponsor-new-multi-arts-robert-burns-festival-scotch-whisky-news/

Mortlach 32 Year Old 1971 Limited Edition

Scraping the Barrel – verslag

EventsGeplaatst door Mark Dermul zo, oktober 08, 2017 10:29:38

De titel van deze
tasting – die op 28 september doorging in het Gentse PROOF – verried al grotendeels
waarover dit zou gaan: vattypes. Maar met Timon aan het roer was ik er van
overtuigd dat het een boeiende, leerrijke, maar vooral erg lekker tasting zou

De line-up zou uit niet
minder dan 8 drankjes bestaan, waarvan 6 whisky’s.

New Make – Warenghem Distillerie – 63%

Het eerste drankje was
eentje waar ik meteen verliefd op werd. De new make van de Franse Warenghem
Distillerie is mij niet onbekend. Deze embryonale Armorik is zeer lekker, best
fruitig en erg drinkbaar zonder enige offnotes. Een tikkeltje farmy en
aangenaam zoet. En een bewijs dat spirit ook zonder vatrijping gewoon erg
aangenaam kan zijn.

Hier kan ik gerust een
glas of twee op mijn gemak van wegtutteren.

Deanston Virgin Oak Finish – 46.3%

Deze Deanston rijpte
eerst op ex-bourbonvaten, maar kreeg nadien nog een finish van enkele maanden
op zogenaamde virgin oak – nieuwe eik waar voorheen dus nog geen drank op
gerijpt had. Het resulteerde in een aangename, redelijk kruidige neus met
boterbollen en wat hints van geel fruit. Op smaak was hij nog steeds kruidig,
maar vond ik hem wat uitvlakken. Vooral in de middellange afdronk kwam het
maagdelijke hout mooi tot zijn recht.

Dat gezegd zijnde vond
ik deze whisky toch maar een klein niemendalletje. Een
kaarterswhisky, zeg maar.

5 Year Old Bual Madeira – Medium Rich – 19%

De eerste verrassing van
de avond – en voor mij meteen ook één van de hoogtepunten! Deze Madeira – en
lang houdbare versterkte wijn van het Portugese
eiland met dezelfde naam – was donkerzoet en gekonfijt op de neus met
een hint van koffie. Op smaak was hij mierzoet en fruitig – zoals het hoort –
met wat agrums die hem een fris zuurtje gaven. De afdronk begon romig, maar
werd langzaam maar zeker erg droog op noten en citrus.

Wat een zalige Madeira,
zeg. Echt een aanrader en een mooie introductie voor de volgende whisky.

10 Year Old Madeira Finish – 46%

Het was al meer dan 7
jaar geleden dat ik deze Ier nog eens aan de lippen had gezet. Het was een fijn
weerzien, met noten en in honing gedrenkte bosvruchten op de neus, besprenkeld
met vers sinassap. Op smaak vond ik hem een beetje aciditeit missen, maar de
afdronk was mooi.

Een leuke Ier waar je
mond niet meteen van zal openvallen, tenzij om een tweede slok te nemen.

Fino Jarana – Very Dry Sherry – 15%

Fino is traditioneel een
delicate, droge sherry, gemaakt van de Palomino-druif en rijpt zo’n 4 tot 7
jaar onder een biologische schimmellaag die flor wordt genoemd. Hij heeft een
lichtgele strokleur. Deze Lustau was
licht fruitig op banaan, aardappel en amandelnoten maar offreerde op smaak ook
een licht zilte hint met wat hout en citroen. De afdronk was niet erg lang,
maar wel mooi drogend met voldoende aciditeit om hem extra delicaat over de
tong te doen glijden.

Wederom een erg
aangename verrassing. Ik denk dat deze het erg goed zou doen bij (of na) een seafood platter in het Lochindaal hotel.
Maar dat is wellicht vloeken in de hel.

Glen Scotia 1992 Coilltean Fino Butt #3 – Samaroli – 45%

Deze reeds in 2009
gebottelde Glen Scotia offeerde eerst weinig goeds. Ik had kaas, rubber en
karton op de neus. Flink wat OBE, leek het wel. Maar als je hem tien minuten
liet staan werd hij beter, veel beter. De onfrisse aroma’s maakten plaats voor
rosbief, mokka en geroosterde koffiebonen. Echt apart, maar wel schitterend. Op
smaak was het in eerste instantie een echte bom. Vreemd genoeg begon hij erg
robuust, maar eens hij de smaakpapillen had omfloerst, werd hij plots erg
delicaat en verfijnd.

Erg aparte en interessante
Glen Scotia, zoveel is zeker.

Ila 9 Year Old 2007 Signatory Vintage UCF – 46%

Hola! Zei er daar iemand
dat we Caol Ila gingen proeven. Ik ging alvast op het puntje van mijn stoel
zitten. Caol Ila is mijn favoriete Islay whisky. Ik heb er al tientallen
geproefd en nog geen enkele is mij tegen gevallen. Deze jongeling werd door
Signatory gebotteld uit twee bourbon barrels. Op de neus gerookte hesp,
makreel, olijfolie, banaan en citrus. Dat werkt! Op smaak… meer van
hetzelfde. De middellange afdronk was zacht rokerig en opnieuw verrassend zoet.

Een schoolvoorbeeld van
Caol Ila, maar met een erg zoete twist.

12 Year Old 2003 PTM Cask #150

PTM: ik had er eerlijk
gezegd nog niet van gehoord. Het is de afkorting van Peated Through Maturation.
Het leuke aan deze whisky is dat het de klassieke Edradour whisky betreft, maar
wel gerijpt op een voormalig Islay vat. U raadt het al: een vat waar eerder
Caol Ila op rijpte. Fruitig zoet, quasi exotisch zelfs, op mango en ananas. Op
smaak was de balans tussen het fruit, hout en de turf excellent, echt waar! De
afdronk was heerlijk lang en bijzonder interessant.

Dit is Edradour? Mooi!
Absoluut geen turf op de neus, maar op smaak des te meer. Super.

Ik zie het al: ik hoopte
dat dit een erg interessante tasting zou worden. Ik kwam allesbehalve bedrogen
uit – en de rest van de afgeladen zaal evenmin – en liet dat aan het eind van
de avond ook aan de gastheer en zijn sympathieke betere helft Nikkie weten. Dat
ze maar gauw een vervolg aan deze tasting moesten breien. Er werd mij op het
hart gedrukt dat dat zou gebeuren.

Ik schrijf me nu al in.

the Malt be with you!

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