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Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America Early August 2015 Outturn – Scotch Whisky News


Cask No. 128.5                               $115

As purple as Prince!


The whisky formally known as Scotch had turned into something very different! Rasp-beret ripple ice cream, Creamola Foam and frappuccino flounced across the nose before cinnamon rye, cherry drops and chambord pushed their way in. At full volume it went lovesexy with blackcurrant cassis, Body Shop dewberry bubblebath and raspberry compote. Frangipane tart and warm oiled leather lingered behind the berry explosion. The texture was viscous and crunchy like croutons in expensive olive oil. Reduced, blackcurrant took the guise of Pop Tarts, Solero iced lollies, Lockets and bramble cranachan topped with Mr Whippy ice cream. Let’s go crazy!

Drinking tip: When you want to go from blue to purple

Colour: Creme Catalan

Cask: First-fill barrel

Age: 9 years

Date distilled: January 2006

Alcohol: 60.2%

USA allocation: 102 bottles

Flavour profile: Sweet, fruity mellow 

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Cask No. 48.42                       $105

Grown-Up Ice Lollies

Speyside, Spey

Soothing, innocent and fresh at first nose, the panel was overcome with chamomile, agave syrup, lavender, cherry blossom and desiccated coconut: ‘like a glimmer of sunlight shining through a dewy forest’ one announced. This freshness carried through to the palate with sweet butter pastry, real lemonade, fizzy green apple sweets and gooseberries. Slightly hot, yet very refreshing and thirst-quenching. A little water turned the dram into a variety of homemade summer ice-lollies: blackcurrant, pear, melon, eucalyptus and clementine – take your pick! Strawberry yoghurt, lemon sherbet, green grapes and croissants with lime jam to finish. A refreshing afternoon treat!

Drinking tip: When you need a summer refreshment – add a drop of water for a juicy-fruit flavour explosion

Colour: Oaked Chardonnay

Cask: First-fill barrel

Age: 10 years

Date Distilled: November 2002

Alcohol: 56.7%

USA allocation: 90 bottles

Flavour profile: Sweet, fruity mellow

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Cask No. 35.111                     $125

A chalet girls dram

Speyside, Lossie

With this whisky the panel were transported to an alpine cabin. On the nose they fancied pork crackling with red currant jelly and tom yam paste. Rich sherried notes of creme brulee and ginger snaps. One was reminded of hot ski wax. To taste they found a meaty feast of biltong, pate on rye toast and coq au vin. It was as if a pan had been deglazed with Grand Marnier or trappist beer. With water, hot chocolate and tangerines in brandy developed. A leather pig skin football was kicked about. A curious and quirky dram.

Drinking tip: Apres ski

Colour: Rich copper

Cask: Refill Chardonnay hogshead

Age: 12 years

Date distilled: November 2001

Alcohol: 59.3%

USA allocation: 90 bottles

Flavour profile: Deep, rich dried fruits

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Cask No. 53.216                             $175

BBQ in pine-clad dunes


After the bonfire in the hospital car park we went to the pine-clad dunes and started the barbeque for our dinner consisting of honey glazed smoke ham, gammon steak, whole mackerel with lemon, oregano, olives and Ayrshire new potatoes with sour cream and parsley. The taste neat therefore no surprise, sweet cured ham, pork sausages and a lingering mild sweet peat smoke. With water the food turned into steamed mussels and cockles, Arbroath Smokies and herring salad in a sour cream sauce. The taste now sweet and juicy like a grilled gammon steaks with caramelised pineapple slices.

Drinking tip: For your evening barbeque by the sea

Colour: Polished soprano saxophone

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 21 years

Date distilled: July 1993

Alcohol: 60.6%

USA allocation: 90 bottles

Flavour profile: Lightly peated

Please visit http://www.smwsa.com/ for more information.

Glen Garioch 1990 (Usquebaugh Society)

The Dutch Usquebaugh Society selected a single cask Glen Garioch 1990 from the stocks of the Creative Whisky Company to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the club.



Glen Garioch 1990 - Usquebaugh SocietyGlen Garioch 1990 - Usquebaugh SocietyGlen Garioch 1990 (56,7%, Usquebaugh Society 2015, cask #7937, 288 btl.)

Nose: a slightly curious combination of aromas, but very interesting. Silver polish, soft hints of dusty peat, a bit of Play Dough, but also pineapple sweets and some strawberries with cream. Buttery, greasy notes in the background, and a light hint of mint. Mouth: a bit hot / peppery at first, and then again this creamy, almost milky note again. After that it becomes earthier, with some liquorice and gentian adding a mild bitterness. Peppermint. Lemon peel. Soft smoke. Finish: long, spicy, with ginger and some waxy notes.

This is a really nice, typical Glen Garioch, with plenty of character, including some Highlands austerity. You can tell this was selected by a club of advanced whisky lovers. Around € 100, available from the Usqyebaugh website.

Score: 88/100

Scotch Whisky Brand anCnoc Voted ‘outstanding’ at the International Wine and Spirit Competition – Scotch Whisky News


Scotch whisky brand anCnoc voted ‘outstanding’ at the International Wine and Spirit Competition  

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is celebrating after five of its core and limited edition expressions were recognised at this year’s International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC).

The 18 year old malt from the Aberdeen-based distillery scored the highest, winning the coveted title of Gold Outstanding. Matured in hand-selected Spanish oak ex-sherry casks and American oak ex-bourbon casks, the 18 year old’s unique flavour profile stood out for the judges who commented on its layers of complexity and ‘well balanced long, sustained finish’.

Also placing highly was anCnoc’s 22 year old, which impressed the judges with a long finish and ‘silky smooth and beautiful balance’ and won gold, whilst Cutter from the Peaty Collection and the 12 year old won silver.

The prestigious IWSC ceremony, now in its 45th year, sets the international benchmark for quality and recognises excellence in the wine and spirits industry worldwide. Each year it receives entries from many of the world’s top wine and spirit producers in over 90 countries.

Judging for the competition take place in two stages, with a blind tasting by an expert panel drawn from 300 qualified industry judges, followed by a technical analysis before the results are unveiled.

anCnoc Brand Manager Stephanie Allison commented: “We had a very strong performance this year and are thrilled that both our limited edition releases and expressions from the core collection received such recognition from the panel. An IWSC award, particularly a Gold Outstanding, is a badge of quality and distinction which we’re proud to have to our name.”

For further information visit www.ancnoc.com


Danica whisky (Braunstein)

So, Danish whisky. Braunstein distillery, which started as a brewery, produces all kinds of spirits (gin, vodka, rum), including whisky since the early 2000s.

They started with a series of limited expressions in a Library Collection (usually two releases per year) and a Cask Edition series which holds one yearly cask strength expression.

Now they have a slightly wider range called Danica, with an unpeated and peated version. Like all of their whiskies, they are organic (although the certification is not complete yet because barrels from organic wood are so hard to get).

Like most young distilleries, they focus on first-fill bourbon barrels, but their warehouse also includes some sherry, cognac, Sauternes and virgin casks. Danica is matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks.



Danica whisky (Braunstein)Danica whisky (Braunstein)Danica whisky – unpeated
(42%, Braunstein +/- 2015)

Nose: some rather dominant woody (white oak) aromas, with lots of vanilla, cinnamon and honey. Soft hints of bubblegum and a light hint of varnish / potpourri. Also fruity notes, banana and strawberry, plus hints of white chocolate. Mouth: very sweet and peppery. Oranges, lemons, distant hints of dried mango. Vanilla cream again, before the spices take over entirely (pepper, ginger, nutmeg). Finish: medium long, spicy, with plenty of grassy oak.

Not bad. Of course this is fairly young, and you can’t rush maturation, so it’s understandable to get quick flavours by using very active wood. Around € 80. Primarily found in Denmark and Sweden but also from Whiskysite.nl and others.

Score: 79/100

Port Charlotte 2002 (Malts of Scotland)

One of these samples of relatively new whiskies that I’ve had on my desk for too long, because I thought I new exactly what to expect from Port Charlotte 2002. Still a nice surprise.



Port Charlotte 2002 - Malts of ScotlandPort Charlotte 2002 - Malts of ScotlandPort Charlotte 2002
(55,4%, Malts of Scotland 2015, bourbon barrel, ref. 15011, 238 btl.)

Nose: how nice, this is one of the farmiest, most Brora-inspired noses I’ve had lately. The same goat stables and greasy notes. Hay and ferns. Horse saddles. Then a nice move towards pipe tobacco. Underneath there are hints of yellow apples and vanilla. Quite lovely. Mouth: deeply sooty again, less farmy notes but still a kind of fattiness. Dutch liquorice, lots of salty notes with a herbal, minty touch. No sharpness whatsoever, this is warm and pleasantly drinkable. Hot peppers. Fades on sweeter notes: pear and salted caramel. Finish: long, still very warm and smooth, with a salty, tarry end.

A great Port Charlotte, deeply peated but also surprisingly rounded and balanced. Maybe not the most typical PC but you know I have a sweet spot for farmy notes and you don’t find them easily. Around € 140 and still available.

Score: 90/100

Braunstein Danica Peated Single Malt Whisky

Adnams Copper House First Rate Gin Tonic

Tasting NotesGeplaatst door Mark Dermul ma, juli 20, 2015 09:10:49

Distilleerderij: Adnams
Regio: Southwald (UK)
Fles: Adnams Copper House First Rate Gin
Kleur: clear
ABV: 48%


Zoals de naam doet vermoeden is deze First
Rate ‘beter’ dan de gewone Copper House Gin. Hij heeft een pak meer botanicals:
jeneverbes, koriander, orriswortel, zoethout, engelenwortel, citrusschillen,
cardamom, cassiaschors, liswortel, karwijzaad, venkelzaad, tijm en vanille. En
hij is gebotteld op 48%, wat voor meer punch zou moeten zorgen. En dan te
bedenken dat ik de ‘gewone’ al zo lekker vond.

Ha! Wat een aparte neus
alweer! Ik krijg aardse tonen, citrus en kruiden, maar wat vooral opvalt is
toffee. Zeg maar gerust boterbollen. That’s
a first!
Lekker romig en rond. Er zit ook een flink
herbaal kantje aan, hoor. Denk dennennaalden of dennenappels. Alsof je in het
bos rondwandelt.

Hij is olieachtig, bijna
vettig, in de mond. Hoewel hij zacht begint op vanille, toffee en aarde, gaat
hij midpalate wel mooi open en offreert hij een heuse kruidigheid. Zwarte
peper, anijs, venkel – de ingrediënten lijken elkaar mooi op te volgen.

Middellange, zoete

Gin Tonic

Om hem te kunnen
vergelijken met de ‘gewone’ Adnams, gebruikte ik dezelfde mix van ijs, limoen
en Fever Tree Tonic Water. Nu is de venkel bijzonder uitgesproken, maar het
blijft wel een lekkere, frisse cocktail. Minder zoet, maar niet minder goed.

Deze laat zich makkelijk
mixen, maar is ook puur complex genoeg om als aperitief te dienen. Het
alcoholpercentage niet onderschatten! Pakweg 40 EUR.

door Mark Dermul op 04-04-2015
(om snel andere tasting notes te vinden, surf naar www.whivie.be).

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society “August Previews: All things Summer” – Scotch Whisky News

AA SMWS Summer Flowers


Summer fetes rich with the heady aromas of home made jam and freshly baked treats; rosemary-skewered bangers on the open fire; ocean spray topping the sea wall as you ride past on your motorcycle… However you love to enjoy this brief, beautiful season, the first nips from the August Outturn are sure to make the perfect sundowners.

Oily Coastal

4.209 The Cinderella cottage

Chilly cottage, damp plaster and salt encrusted windows. Old cinders in the grate reignited with heather, peat. Grilled sausages with rosemary. A makeshift feast of prawn crackers, dimsum and tempura shrimps with sesame seeds. Crispy skinned baked apples in the embers.

19 years old
Refill ex-bourbon hogshead

66.71 An apothecary on a motorcycle

The nose has wood and clean smoke, suggesting first aid boxes, hospital laundries, menthol-suffused saunas and motorcycle workshops. The palate delivers menthol cigarettes, pan-drops, spicy fennel seed sausages, smoked mussels, embers, bicycle repair kits, light smoke and some pleasant balancing sweetness.

12 years old
Refill ex-bourbon barrel

Old dignified

G1.13 Summer Fete and flower shows

Summer fetes with peach jam, banana bread, golden plums. Airfix paint and crisp florals. Sweet and short as Scottish summer. Pink wafers, warm scones, homemade chocolate truffles and caramel coffee cake. Greenhouse aromas mingled with warm wood of old deck chairs.

36 years old
Refill ex-bourbon hogshead

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Karuizawa 1988 (The Whisky Fair)

This Karuizawa 1988 was part of a duo that was bottled for The Whisky Fair in 2007. A small part of this sherry butt was bottled by Whiskysite.nl in their Great Cask series.

You know, I believe this may well be one of the last Karuizawas I’ll ever review. I have no samples left and with the current prices, who can afford to actually open one, let alone share it with others?



Karuizawa 1988 - The Whisky FairKaruizawa 1988 - The Whisky FairKaruizawa 19 yo 1988 (58,3%, The Whisky Fair 2007, refill butt, 480 btl.)

A surprisingly pale colour on this. Nose: a rare chance to try Karuizawa without the sherry. Without Oloroso, that is, there are some hints of chalky Fino. Dusty cellars and waxed paper, as well as huge minty notes and cigar boxes. Faint peat. Underneath are some fruity notes (yellow plum) and a hint of tiger balm and incense. It’s funny how this one is rather oriental and rather Karuizawa, even though it misses the most obvious side. Mouth: quite sweet (pear, pineapple) but also quite herbal / bitter (ginger tea, heavy salty liquorice). A smoky hint of matchsticks. Surprisingly peaty. Finish: long, peaty, with lemon zest, bitter wood and ginger.

This is an odd cask – I can’t think of any other Karuizawa like this. On the one hand, very interesting to find similarities and differences with the classic profile. On the other hand it falls below the usual level of this distillery. Around € 1500.

Score: 85/100

Scotch Malt Whisky Society “THREE JAPANESE BOTTLINGS BROUGHT TO LIGHT” – Japanese Whisky News

AA SMWS Japanese


After our thrilling discovery of a first bottling hiding in the warehouse last week, we thought we’d better go back for a closer look. It turned out to be a great idea because we found three exquisite Japanese malts lurking in the shadows! Even more exciting, 120.8 A surge of sweet peat had been exclusive to our venues on its original release and has never been sold around the UK. Prepare to snag yours from 9am sharp on our sales line (0131 555 2929) – even limited to one bottle per member, these divine drams won’t be hanging around for long…

Sweet, fruity mellow

124.5 Juicy fruits and spicy oak £275

23 years old
First fill ex-bourbon hogshead
Only 18 bottles found!

The nose has attractive wood aromas and attractive fruits (tutti-frutti, pineapple, lemon) plus coconut, honey and vanilla. The palate is full of juicy fruits, and vanilla…

Old dignified

116.20 Fascinating complexity and finesse £296

26 years old
Virgin oak puncheon
Only 30 bottles found!

Fascinating nose – model-making, lacquered wood; crab boxes and lapsang souchong in a diesel truck; vanilla, coconut, honey and embers…


120.8 A surge of sweet peat £160

13 years old
Second fill hogshead
Only 24 bottles found!

Salt and pepper cashews, smoked vanilla and pickled ginger with a wave of delicate incense. Roast pork, peppered mackerel and pungent peat smoke (also cloves, cinnamon, star anise). With water, the peat really surged…

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Whisky Auctioneer July Auction Now Live! – Whisky News

AA WA Photo Header 2 

Our July auction is now live and ends on Monday 3rd August 2015!

View July Auction

This is an incredible auction with 1,300 bottles available. We have a few highlights for you this month, starting with Johnnie Walker Director’s Blend 2013. A whisky that was only gifted to the upper echelons of Diageo. 

AA WA Photo 1

This moth we also have both a Killyloch 1967 and a Glen Flagler 1976, two single malts from the long closed Moffat distilling complex. When it comes to rare, closed distilleries, these are sure fire winners!

AA WA Photo 2

Bruichladdich have produced the most heavily peated whisky in the world… time and time again. This lot is an almost complete range of the legendary Bruichladdich Octomore available! 

 AA WA Photo 3

The highlight of our world whiskies this month is the Hirsch Reserve 1974 16 year old. From the closed Michter distillery this has been described as one of the best bourbons ever. 

AA WA Photo 4

Please remember!

There is no registration fee, our commission structure is very competitive and we offer worldwide shipping. For our terms and conditions please click here.

With close to 20 years of experience in the whisky industry, Whisky Auctioneer specialises in auctioning whisky whether it be fine, old, rare, collectable or affordable. Formed in 2013 and based in Perth, central Scotland, we aim to be the most comprehensive website for the buying and selling of whisky online.


Happy Bidding!