anCnoc Vintage 2000 Is Here – Scotch Whisky News


anCnoc Vintage 2000 is here

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is proud to announce the release of Vintage 2000, another remarkable single malt in the line of exclusive vintage releases from Knockdhu Distillery, celebrating the art of whisky-making with a modern twist. It has become a tradition at anCnoc to annually offer vintage releases from consecutive years to the most dedicated whisky fans around the world.

Only 1,000 cases of anCnoc Vintage 2000 will be made available in select markets from September 2014. The whisky was selected and bottled with the most discerning whisky drinker in mind and will offer a wonderful insight into the distillery style and the impact of on-site maturation in a combination of Spanish oak ex-sherry butts and American oak ex-bourbon barrels.

anCnoc Vintage 2000 has been bottled non chill-filtered, at its natural colour and at the premium strength of 46% ABV.

Hot copper in colour, the whisky is dark and masculine on the nose. A surge of ground Oriental spices, burned vanilla and unrefined cocoa beans gradually relaxes its grip and subtle aromas of lemon grass, orange peel and fragrant cut flowers come to life, unmistakably highlighting the provenance of this remarkable Vintage. On the palate it is smooth but firm-structured, envelops the mouth in creamy vanilla, spicy sherry notes, pralines and silky tannins. Lively citrus follows shortly after leading to a long, balanced finish, finally revealing a whiff of wood smoke.

anCnoc Assistant Brand Manager Stephanie Bridge commented:

The unique taste profile of the Vintage 2000 is set to be a hit with malt enthusiasts everywhere. Releasing the next Vintage in the anCnoc collection marks the end of a very exciting spring and summer for the brand. I’m confident that the exclusive expression will be a welcome addition to anyone’s malt collection.”

anCnoc Vintage 2000 will be available in the UK, Sweden, Japan and Russia, to name but a few markets, at a recommended retail price of £55.


  • anCnoc [a-nock] Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is produced at Knockdhu Distillery in the village of Knock near Huntly
  • The distillery was established in 1894 and is considered one of the most enchanting in Scotland
  • The distillery uses traditional production techniques including a time-honoured method of condensing distillate in worm tubs
  • Core expressions of anCnoc include a 12 Year Old, anCnoc 16 Year Old and anCnoc 22 Year Old
  • In 2012 super premium anCnoc 35 year old was launched across selected markets worldwide to much critical acclaim
  • In 2014 anCnoc launched the Peaty Collection, a selection of peated single malt whiskies from Knockdhu Distillery. To date, the Collection consists anCnoc Rutter, Flaughter, Tushkar (Swedish exclusive) and Cutter, all named after traditional peat-cutting tools.

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada October 2014 Outturn – Scotch Whisky News

AA Scotchoclock_110232



Bottle notes are below; for full tasting notes please visit

Also, be sure to sign up for November’s tasting on Friday, November 7th at The Strath in Victoria (by phone at 250-370-9463 or in person at 919 Douglas Street). The tastings always sell out, so don’t delay.

Old dignified

Cask No. 41.47 Art in a bookshop café

24 years old; refill hogshead; 46.4%

An ever-changing nose that suggests paintings in a bookshop café, fruit falling in orchards, lots of sweet delights (heather honey, chocolate gateau etc) and pepper. The palate delivers beautiful sweetness (toffee, butterscotch, caramel shortcake) with poster paint, chewed pencils and pot-pourri.

Spicy sweet

Cask No. 48.39 Red liquorice shoelaces

10 years old; 1st fill barrel; 57.4%

Fruity to start with apricots and orange oil followed by ‘Rice Krispie cakes’. In the taste a Thai green curry with lemon grass, coconut milk and coriander. With water aromas of Refreshers and the flavour, red liquorice and ginger nut biscuits dipped in tea.

Young spritely

Cask No. 76.109 Sinfully seductive

8 years old; 1st fill barrel; 59.5%

The nose is attractively perfumed and sinfully seductive – floral notes, cereals, vanilla custard and fresh, clean fruits. The palate has iced donuts, dried fruits, lemon sorbet, pears and blossoms (an evocation of Spring); but also subtle woody spice and salty leather.

Spicy dry

Cask No. 73.61 A work of art

24 years old; refill sherry butt; 57.2%

We are in a carpenter’s workshop restoring antique mahogany furniture. Elegant woody aromas are mixed in with the smoke of a Cuban cigar. The taste is sweet with a surprisingly dry finish. Water brings out a bag of nuts and a glass of Oloroso Dulce Sherry.


Cask No. 3.210 Sooty and sweet

17 years old; refill hogshead; 58.9%

Sooty, with burnt streaky bacon, then tide-line tar, sea-shells, beach pebbles, plastic rope. A sweet and very smoky taste, with liquorice, mixed herbs and lime marmalade.


Cask No. 66.46 ‘Pretty Woman’ in a new Maserati

11 years old; refill sherry butt; 56.7%

The nose has plum, dark cherry, smoky ribs and wood and leather (Julia Roberts wearing Pretty Woman boots in a new Maserati). The palate, apart from a baseball bat in the mouth, has tar, smoke, toffee and chicory coffee; fantastic intensity.


Cask No. 29.135 Fisherman’s Friend aniseed lozenges

17 years old; refill barrel; 60.7%

Salty fish boxes, seaweed, beach bonfire, medicinal and wet sand neat on the nose, the taste a smoldering charcoal barbeque with langoustines being grilled. Adding water a doctors bag, salty old ropes and sweet brown sugar as well as emptying last night’s catch with a Fisherman’s Friend in your mouth.

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anCnoc Releases Limited Edition Vintage 2000 – Scotch Whisky News


anCnoc Releases Limited Edition Vintage 2000 

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has today (22nd September) announced the latest addition to its outstanding portfolio, the exclusive  Vintage 2000. Only 1000 cases of this exceptional single malt will be available in the UK, Sweden, Japan and Russia, to name but a few, from September 2014 with a retail price of £55 per bottle.

The whisky has matured in Spanish oak ex-sherry butts and American oak ex-bourbon barrels at Knockdhu Distillery in Knock, Banffshire, and has been bottled in its most natural form – neither chill-filtered nor coloured at 46% ABV. The Vintage liquid is bronzed honey in colour with rich amber highlights and a hint of oriental spices on the nose. To taste, the expression is smooth and creamy with a balanced finish.

Staying true to anCnoc style the packaging of this stylish single malt mirrors the minimalist design of anCnoc’s core range and features the contemporary yet traditional illustration of the Knockdhu Distillery.

anCnoc, which is part of the Inver House Distillers portfolio, is a brand closely associated with the arts and renowned the world over by malt enthusiasts for bringing a modern twist to the traditions of fine whisky, producing a single malt that is accessible and versatile for all occasions.The brand recently launched its peated collection earlier this year with four expressions of varying peat strength – aiming to help drinkers find a dram to suit their palate and to ‘shine a light’ on the dark, enigmatic world of peat.

anCnocAssistant Brand Manager, Stephanie Bridge commented: ‘The unique taste portfolio of the vintage 2000 is set to be a hit with malt enthusiasts everywhere.Releasing the next vintage in the anCnoc collection marks the end of a very exciting spring and summer for the brand. I’m confident that the exclusive expression will be a welcome addition to anyone’s malt collection.’ 


About anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is produced at the Knockdhu Distillery which was established in 1894 and is one of the smallest and most enchanting in the Scottish Highlands. It’s renowned the world over by malt enthusiasts for producing a single malt that makes every day a special occasion.

The new peated collection from anCnoc aims to unravel the mysteries of peated whisky for modern drinkers, this new range from the Knockdhu Distillery features anCnoc’s classic light, easy-drinking style but with a dark, distinctive and smoky twist.The first four releases in the collection Rutter, Flaughter, Tushkar and Cutter were unveiled earlier this year.

About International Beverage 

International Beverage Holdings ( was established in 2005 as the international arm of ThaiBev, one of South East Asia’s leading alcohol beverage companies. With a network of regional offices in Asia, Europe and North America, the company is responsible for the production, sales, marketing and distribution of a portfolio of premium global brands in over 80 countries and territories.

Inver House Distillers ( is globally integrated into International Beverage Holdings and drives the distillation and maturation of Scotch through its five distilleries.

International Beverage brands include:

  • Chang Beer: Thailand’s iconic beer brand
  • Single Malt Scotch Whiskies: Old Pulteney, Balblair, anCnoc, Speyburn
  • Blended Whiskies: Hankey Bannister
  • Mekhong: ‘The Spirit of Thailand’ since 1941
  • Caorunn – a small batch distilled Scottish Gin infused with 5 Celtic botanicals

The company’s success is built on the combination of a strong understanding of local cultures and markets with the creation of a truly global operational network.  Brand building pays respect to heritage, provenance and craftsmanship whilst delivering innovative and highly effective strategies at global level. A skilled and dedicated team of more than 12 nationalities speaking over 14 languages delivers the highest standards of customer service and attention to detail across all aspects of the business.

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A Whisky Mudslide (with Paul Mclean) – Scotch Whisky News


A whisky Mudslide

Timeline; Wednesday 17 September 2014, 5pm.

Location; Craobh Harbour, west coast Scotland.

I had dropped of my guests at their lodgings for the night, superb by the way! And drove the mile and a bit to my cottage (thanks Julie for this), fiddled aboot, changed and made ready for my pick up. Sure enough at 5pm Julie and Ty dropped by to collect me. There started the wacky races to Oban in the batmobile. Julie does have her own way of driving, my foot was pressed on the floor at the imaginary brake all the way!  Arriving in Oban ten minutes later (takes any normal driver 30 minutes) we stopped off for a fish supper. Took these to the recording studio/rehearsal rooms and munch em doon. There followed a band practice session – Mudslide; a five piece blues band based in mid Argyll, with a set list that covers all styles of blues. To say it was enjoyable would be an understatement, it was superb – and this is a rehearsal! Go see Mudslide if at all possible before they fill the Glasgow Hydro. If I closed my eyes – far too many drams – I would have thought the Stones, Fleetwood Mac or John Mayall were playing, it was that good.  I had taken along a few samples for the band (and myself), poor Julie was driving. A good Aberlour Abunach, Glendronach, Ben Riach peaty, Laphroaig Select, Glen Moray peated and a wee Angels Envy for Julie to take home. The band played on.

Abunach; oloroso galore! big notes of raisins, chocolate, cherry liqueur, powerful but not undrinkable.  Glen Moray peat; a new style from Glen Moray – peated. This is the first batch to be released, in a 20cl bottle, and isn’t yet whisky, having not been aged for 3 years. A whack of peat –with fruitiness to leave warming iodine notes. The others we all know about! My own favourite dram tonight was the GlenDronach – as usual. A 1990 I think.

Blues, rock, blues-rock the band were driving me to drink (in the very best of ways). The images do not do the night justice. Best dram? Depends on who you talked to, Ty likes everything, Julie liked the Angels (when home), I liked it all, the band looked on as some were driving.

The session (music) ended, a few drams then load up the van, Evil Kinievel then drove us back to the bothy, 10.30, pitch black, wee winding roads at a speed! During the ride back poor Julie got in around 10 words! Myself and Ty were yappin on music the whole way, myself; Deep Purple and Creedence, Ty; a Zepplelin freak! Zeppo!  I cannee believe all the music he has from Zep, I wanted to murder him and take it all!  Another time Zeppo. They dropped me at the track to my cottage, dark as the inside of a coffin, I took out my mobile phone as a light and started doon the track, suddenly an owl flew out, frightened me to death!  After reaching safety I needed a large dram, so I did and again, and again. What a night, great music, laughs, great friends and some good whisky.

My last thought on the night; when will they write a song – sufferin midgie blues? 

AA GM Peated

 Paul was enjoying the evening with Mudslide in Argyll, a half hour south of Oban.


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Whisky Lounge Newsletter October 2014 – Scotch Whisky News

Whisky Lounge II

Autumn is here, it’s official!…

We love this time of year here at Whisky Lounge HQ. The leaves are turning, the schools are back but there is still a lingering warmth from the end of summer. Like the luxurious finish of your favourite dram…

Talking of which, after a crazy summer that has seen us take The Glenlivet and World Whiskies to new heights, plus the Beacons and Secret Garden Party festivals, we are ready for some good old fashioned autumn whisky shenanigans!

Those eagle-eyed of you may also notice a recent website upgrade. Our trusty mate Jason has been working hard to implement improvements to our antiquated payment ‘gateway’. Hopefully this should mean your ticket/gifting shopping experience is much smoother and faster…

So, ladies and gentlemen, we have the following for your delectation…


We are delighted to welcome back to the warm embrace of The Whisky Lounge, a favourite independent bottler of ours… Douglas Laing Co.

As one of the original TWL festival exhibitors we have always been keen to see them back.

However, not only are you going to be seeing more of them at our festivals, but to celebrate our reunion, we have decided to put on a special series dedicated to all things DL!

For the month of October we will have tastings at our usual venues plus our new and seemingly massively popular


Click on the relevant date and venue for further info and tickets…



Just click on the venue closest to you to book now. Click HERE for the tasting pack.



Now, although the World Whiskies series is over as far as the venue tastings, we still have a few of these excellent tasting packs available. The feedback from everyone who has received them has been amazing so far.

For the paltry sum of £25 including delivery, you (or your loved one) gets a cute gift box with samples of the six whiskies, a tasting mat, a tasting guide and a pipette for adding small amounts of water.
It is an excellent tasting set for those interested in whisky in general, and world whiskies in particular. Click HERE to buy.



We hope to see many of you at our final festival of this year, in Manchester.

After the success of last year’s event, we are back in the Bridgewater Hall and as usual we will have the great and good of the whisky world in tow.

We are literally down to our last 50 or so tickets for this event so be quick or you WILL miss out! Click on the banner or HERE to get booking!

As a reminder, the session starts at 12pm and finishes at 5pm (last pour at 4.45pm). A half-day ticket entitles you entry from 2.30pm.

Aside from the usual tasting shenanigans in the main space, we also have a pair of special classes for you – a look at Paul John Indian Whisky with Eddie Ludlow and a joint class with Colin Dunn and Eddie Ludlow and a few of their favourite drams. Go to the website to get yourself booked into these – but only if you already have festival tickets!


World Whiskies Review – Review!

Talking of World Whiskies, Joe has just finished writing the series up on the Blog. If you want to know what was tasted, where and how each whisky got on, click here or on the bannerabove.

You may also spot Joe’s review of the music festivals we attended which is also worthy of your attention.


The Whisky Sessions

For those of you with an equal leaning towards music as whisky, we are going to be exhibiting and generally getting involved in this very exciting new project.

The emphasis is firmly on music – as you will see from the line-up, but the whisky element is equally important and as such there will be a smattering of fabulous whisky producers in the ‘Whisky Hotel’ which sits a little away from the main stages, for those who want to take it easy or ‘chill out’ I think they call it!

The event takes place on Friday and Saturday 21st 22nd November and should definitely be worth your attention and attendance! Tickets start at £35. Click here to go to the Whisky Sessions website for more info and tickets.

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26th September 2014
Glenmorangie launches crowd sourced whisky

25th September 2014
Sweden’s Smogen Distillery launches its first…

24th September 2014
John Dewar and Sons launches Lost Great Malts…

23rd September 2014
anCnoc launch Vintage 2000

22nd September 2014
The Glenlivet launches rare Winchester Collection

19th September 2014
SWA Chief comments on Scottish Independence…

Johnnie Walker becomes official whisky of Formula 1

18th September 2014
The Ardmore Distillery releases Ardmore Legacy

15th September 2014
2014 Diageo Special Releases unveiled

The stills are alive at The Cotswolds Distillery

10th September 2014
Douglas Laing launch Timorous Beastie

9th September 2014
English Whisky Co. founder James Nelstrop dies

Second new permanent Glenlivet Nadurra release

4th September 2014
The Lakes Distillery launches Connoisseur’s Club

Management quarrel threatens Balcones Distillery


And finally, we have two of our World Whisky Review tasting packs to give away to the person/s able to answer the following questions. As always, the quickest and most accurate answers win! Click here to send us your answers and don’t forget to include your full name and postal address.

1. Which country is the second largest producer of single malt whisky?
2. Which Indian distillery buys its peated malted barley from Scotland?
3. Which World Whisky distiller has built a second distillery that employs a ‘gravity fed’ technique?
4. Which is the largest distillery in Tasmania?
5. What is the Yorkshire connection with Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky?


News of Feis Ile 2015, 2015 Whisky Festivals and our final series of the year – our world famous Blind Islay tastings are back!

Have a great month and see you over a dram or two soon we hope.

Eddie, Amanda and Joe
The Whisky Lounge Team.

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Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015In a couple of weeks, the brand-new Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015 will be available in most book stores and whisky shops. This yearly overview of the whisky industry is an essential read for dedicated whisky lovers.

Obviously it is still the most accurate list of new releases that appeared over the last year, an overview of distillery profiles and at least 200 pages of data and statistics. I’d say this is the reference part.

Like other years, there’s also a reading part with in-depth articles by renowned writers like Charlie McLean, Gavin D Smith, Ian Buxton, Dom Roskrow and Neil Ridley.


Here are the themes that are discussed this year:

  • The microcosmic view on maturation, investigating the physical, biological and chemical laws of ageing whisky, warehouse characteristics, etc.
  • Pimp my whisky, an article about serving trends (highballs, specific waters and other things that may be a little shocking to purists)
  • Proud to be Irish, a look into the Irish whiskey market and why it is the fastest growing category in the world.
  • The last decade in Scotch, an interesting view on a decade of roaring sales, premiumisation, super-distilleries, micro-distilleries, small batches and NAS expressions.
  • Whisky’s next decade, the crystal ball… with special attention to the growing wealth and the growing lack of aged whisky.
  • The tyranny of twelve, a comparison of views on age statements since the 1930s.
  • What’s another year, another article about age statements and NAS.


Malt Whisky Yearbook - Ingvar Ronde

Malt Whisky Yearbook - Ingvar Ronde


Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015 – 10th anniversary

This is the tenth release of the Malt Whisky Yearbook, so looking back on the last decade and looking forward to the next is an obvious choice. On top of this, it’s not a big surprise that age statements and the NAS trend are featured in several articles. The book provide a good insight into the problems of today’s whisky industry.

I will keep repeating this: if you’re interested in whisky, whatever your level of knowledge, this should be considered your yearly bible. It’s more up-to-date than any other book and it is fed by articles from the best writers. It’s an interesting era for whisky, and it shows.

The Malt Whisky Yearbook 2015 is sold through whisky shops all over Europe, distillery visitor centres or you can buy it online for £ 14.

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Gordon & MacPahil Tasting (FREE!) at Federal Boston TONIGHT – Scotch Whisky News

Federal Wine  Spirits

Single-Malt Scotch Tasting
Thursday, October 2nd
4:30 P.M.  OR  6:00 P.M.
Featuring Independent Bottler Gordon MacPhail
Lead by Importer, Gary Kiemach


Left: Michael Urquhart, who is retiring as Managing Director of GM and handing over the title to the first ever non-family member to hold the position. Right: His successor, former COO of GM, Ewen Mackintosh

Those of you who joined us for our last tasting of whiskies from the Gordon MacPhail portfolio back in March will remember Gary Keimach. Only six short months later he’ll be back in the store again with a whole new set of offerings (plus the always reliable Benromach 10 year old from the distillery owned by the bottlers). Gary is a font of knowledge and we’re lucky to have him. Come pick his brain, learn, and taste through a lovely line-up. The two tastings (one at 4:30, one at 6) will be identical, so pick whichever works best for you but please be prompt. Bring a fellow whisky-nerd, a scotch-curious acquaintance, or just come yourself — but you won’t want to miss this tasting. We’ll taste the following whiskies, with pricing information to follow shortly:

GM Bunnahabhan Cask Strength 9 Y.O.  (Peated )
Regularly $94.99, At the Tasting $84.99

Benromach 10 Y.O. $59.99, At the Tasting $49.99

GM Scapa 10 Y.O. $71.99, At the Tasting $64.99

GM Smith’s Glenlivet  15 Y.O. $89.99, At the Tasting $80.99

GM Ardmore 15 Y.O. $79.99, At the Tasting $71.99

GM Mortlach 25 Y.O. $274.99, At the Tasting $249.99

Prices subject to change without notice.

 Joe Howell
Federal Wine Spirits
Phone: 617-367-8605

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The Latest Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America Outturn – Scotch Whisky News


Late September 2014 Outturn Offerings

Cask No. 29.148                                        $150 

A fantastic fusion of flavours 


An evocative nose – sweet treats (liquorice allsorts, Blackpool rock, walnut whip, corn candies) competed with smoky, briny elements (sweet peat smoke, oysters, harbour, tarry ropes); panellists also found bicycle shops, new carpets, First Aid boxes, seared gammon and lavender soap. The palate – a fantastic fusion of flavours – medicinal, liquorice, perfumed smoke, hickory chips, rum and raisin fudge, muscovado and ash – an impressive sweet/smoky balance. The reduced nose had us enjoying tomato sauce crisps, chocolate limes and liquorice toffees by a swimming pool. The palate’s robust carbolic smoke was squeezed in hugs of barley and oak sweetness. Nearest distillery to Port Ellen. 

Drinking tip: To cheer you up and restore your balance and positivity 

Colour: Bullion bars

Cask: Refill barrel

Age: 18 years

Date Distilled: April 1995

Alcohol: 60.7%

USA allocation: 169 bottles 

SMWS Green Logo II

Cask No. 5.38                                             $125 

Lemon drizzle cake 


Tart apple pie, with grass clippings, lemon zest/lemon marmalade, key lime pie and a hint of sherbet. Surprisingly sweet in the mouth, with lime, lemon sherbet then strawberry jello and wine gums. Water reinforces this with boiled sweets and artificial red fruits; fresh bread or proving dough and cornflakes behind. Not as sweet now, but soft and fruity (tinned fruit cocktail); mouth-cooling, with a short finish. Fresh and easy to drink, with a trace of lemon-grass in the aftertaste. An excellent aperitif. 

Drinking tip: With Thai food 

Colour: Pale gold

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 13 years

Date Distilled: October 2000

Alcohol: 57.2%

USA allocation: 78 bottles 

SMWS Green Logo II

Cask No. 26.97                                           $125 

Spritzy Citrus and Ikea Candles 

Highland, Northern 

The nose packed a punch of pink grapefruit, fizzy sherbet, and cranberry followed by delicate floral – citronella, lilac and elderflower. Tinned mango, wine gums and pistachio emerged, and hint of water butt on a warm day. The taste was tingling and tropical with fresh wood, zesty mandarin and Edinburgh rock. Water delivered a box of Ikea candles, Turkish Delight, lemon and ginger marmalade and roses after summer rain. The panel were reminded of eating a meaty fish baked in salt whilst sitting on a wet rock. A spritzy finish softened with marshmallow, cream soda and a handful of playdough.  

Drinking tip: Ideal for summer drinking on a park bench or rock 

Colour: Old brass

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 13 years

Date Distilled: April 2000

Alcohol: 51.4%

USA allocation: 81 bottles

SMWS Green Logo II


Cask No. 72.41                                           $95 

Girlie holiday breakfast dram 

Speyside, Lossie 

Some described this as a feminine nose – pot-pourri, tanning lotion, cocoa- butter, orange-scented candles, honey-nut cornflakes, pancakes and bucks fizz – perhaps a girlie holiday breakfast dram? Nothing feminine about the palate though – this was a big hitter! – burnt toffee, black bun, treacle scones, caramelized nuts, Jamaica cake, muscovado and rendang sauce – spicy, fruity and darkly sweet. The reduced nose turned to cinder toffee, pencil boxes, Maya Gold chocolate and jelly babies – plus the girls had now been in for a swim. The palate – mmm – coffee creams, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate-coated raisins – delish! The distillery, ironically, has connections with monks. 

Drinking tip: To go with dessert, or instead of dessert; or to get into the holiday mood 

Colour: Amber

Cask: First-fill white wine hogshead

Age: 9 years

Date Distilled: September 2004

Alcohol: 59.8%

USA allocation: 90 bottles 

SMWS Green Logo II

Cask No. 73.61                                           $185 

A work of Art 

Speyside, Deveron 

We are transported into a joiner’s workshop that specialises in restoring antique mahogany furniture. The aromas filling the air are all very subtle and elegant; oily, waxy and hot melted glue mixed in with a smoldering Cuban cigar and a freshly made sticky toffee pudding. The taste is initially sweet, chocolate coated cinder toffees, a hint of smoke as well as ‘woody’ flavours and a surprisingly dry, nutty finish like a VORS Amontillado Sherry. With water a bag of mixed nuts, figs, prune juice, hickory wood chips and mead wine. The taste is now dry with a lovely sweetness – a coffee and walnut cake accompanied by a glass of Oloroso Dulce Sherry. 

Drinking tip: Enjoying a rest from working in the garden 

Colour: Golden syrup still in the tin

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 24 years

Date Distilled: May 1989

Alcohol: 57.2%

USA allocation: 108 bottles

Please visit the Scotch Malt Whisky Society at

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The Whisky Exchange “Elements of Islay – New Bottlings On Their Way!” – Scotch Whisky News


Elements of Islay – new bottlings on their way!

Ears always prick up at TWE HQ when we hear about new bottlings of the ever-popular Elements of Islay range. Bottled by our sister company Speciality Drinks Ltd, Elements is a celebration of all things Islay, offering an alternative to the standard line-up of distillery bottlings – and three additions to the range will be available very soon.

We aren’t allowed to reveal the identity of any of the whiskies (although you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work them out), but each one is a brilliant expression of their distillery, and shows that Islay whiskies have far more to shout about than just their peating level.

With each Elements release, the new bottlings have to be approved by someone with great whisky knowledge and a love of Islay malts – this time, the bottles were signed and given the seal of approval by Malt Maniac Konstantin Grigoriadis.

Konstantin says: ‘I am very pleased to be able to put my name to these new Elements of Islay bottlings. My personal favourite is Bw4, as it reminds me of the older-style bottlings from that distillery. It’s great to see the quality evident in these whiskies, as with all Speciality Drinks bottlings.’

Here are the new whiskies:


Ar5, 57.8%, £94.95
Nose: A rasping hit of maple-cured bacon, then enticing notes of rich, honeyed fruit and menthol lozenges, freshened up with a little maritime kick.
Palate: Intense peat leads the way, closely followed by stewed fruit and sour cherries, clove-studded gammon, and aromatic spiciness. A big-hearted dram.
Finish: Very long lasting, with peppery spice combining with the peat.
Comment: Ar bottlings are the most popular in the Elements range, and this will be no exception: rich and decadent, with generous helpings of fruit, peat and spice.


Bw4, 51.6%, £69.95
Nose: Delicious, bracing salinity, followed by appealing nuttiness, sweet custard-tart notes, a hint of nutmeg and a whiff of smoke. Very fresh.
Palate: Gentle, warming peat builds in the glass, accompanied by notes of succulent red fruits, tobacco and autumn leaves.
Finish: Clean and measured, with the peat slowly dissipating.
Comment: Elegance in abundance, this is a delightful dram that benefits from time to contemplate its complexity.


Cl7, 58.5%, £69.95
Nose: Clean and fresh, but there’s something extra there – lemon sherbet sprinkled over hot buttered toast, with a dusting of pink peppercorns.
Palate: Sprightly peat kept in check with candied lemon peel and black-pepper aromatics. Lovely balance; this would be excellent with a plate of smoked salmon.
Finish: Beautiful contrast between the earthy peat and crisp lemon.
Comment: There have been more Cl Elements bottlings than from any other distillery, and on the latest evidence, it’s not hard to see why. Cl7 is classy stuff, with razor-sharp citrus cutting through the peat and smoke.

There’s no doubt that Ar5 is the obvious crowd-pleaser of the three, with the peat and sherried fruit cranked right up. But it shouldn’t push the other two into the background; Bw4 is elegant, subtle and quietly classy, while Cl7 has, in my view, the best balance of the three, offering a delightful freshness to offset its peatiness, and is – marginally – my favourite.

All three whiskies will be going on sale any day now – keep checking the TWE site for details…

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The ONE is One – English Whisky News

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The ONE is One  

The ONE, the first blend of whiskies from around the British Isles ever to be produced and the inaugural product from The Lakes Distillery, will celebrate its first anniversary at this year’s Taste Cumbria festival on the 27th and 28th of September. 

The artisan-style blend, which combines the finest whiskies from the British Isles, has enjoyed an incredible year since its launch at 2013’s Taste Cumbria and is now stocked in Harvey Nichols’ stores nationwide and Michelin restaurants throughout the UK. 

The Lakes Distillery has also procured distribution deals for The ONE across The Netherlands, France, Belgium and The UAE, and The ONE joined the whisky world elite when it was classified recently as one of the best whiskies in the world – less than a year after launch, the prestigious International Wine Spirit Competition (IWSC) awarded The ONE a silver legend. 

Paul Currie, founder and managing director of The Lakes Distillery said: “This year has far surpassed our hopes and expectations. As opposed to blends made only of scotch whiskies, The ONE has been carefully created from the best whiskies from around the British Isles, leading to a very unique whisky. 

“The Lakes Distillery is a Cumbrian brand through and through and we had enormous pride in launching The ONE at Taste Cumbria last year, so it seems only fitting we celebrate its first anniversary there this year. 

“In addition, this year’s Taste Cumbria will see another exciting Lakes Distillery launch as we will be offering samples of The Lakes Gin for the very first time, as well as being joined by Olympic star Chemmy Alcott who is brand ambassador for the gin.” 

Production of The Lakes Single Malt set to start this autumn at The Lakes Distillery, while its bistro, tours and shop will open to the public by December 2014. 

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The ONE is available to buy online at

The Lakes Distillery

Close to Bassenthwaite Lake, in an area of unimaginable beauty encircled by Cumbrian fells, is the perfect home for the first-ever Lakes Distillery. 

The experienced team behind the Lakes Distillery, which includes managing director Paul Currie who co founded the Arran Distillery, Master Distiller Chris Anderson with over 30 years’ experience and Alan Rutherford a former Production Director of Diageo, are renovating the historic buildings of an old Victorian Model Farm next to the famous river Derwent and close to Bassenthwaite Lake, with the aim to produce a new world-class single malt whisky. 

The water from the famous River Derwent, with its source high up in the fells, a team steeped in whisky experience, and perfect conditions for distilling are set to create a very special malt. 

The Lakes Distillery will open to the public in late 2014. The Lakes single malt will begin production this summer, and its blended whisky from the British Isles, called The ONE, is available to buy now. 

The ONE Whisky

The ONE is the first British blended whisky ever to be produced.  As opposed to blends made only of scotch whiskies, The ONE has been carefully created from whiskies from around the British Isles, leading to a very unique whisky. This is very much an artisan blend – the team in Cumbria has enormous experience in making the very finest whiskies, and their expertise has put together this outstanding blend, which has a lightly peated character.  

Blended whiskies are made up of grain and malt whiskies, and it is the quantity of malt whisky in the blend that dictates the quality – so the more malt whisky in the blend, the better the quality. The ONE has a very high malt content and its quality is very much in line with single malt whiskies. 


–       Netherlands – Van Wees. 

–       France – La Maison du Whisky

–       Belgium – Nectar

–       UAE – MMI

–       Spain/Poland – currently in discussions with potential distributors 

The Connoisseurs’ Club 

The company has launched a Connoisseurs’ Club, exclusively for those with a genuine passion for whisky. For this reason we will create only 60 limited edition oak sherry casks, exclusively for club members. No other editions of The Lakes Single Malt will be produced in these rare casks, providing members with a unique tasting malt not available for general retail. It’s an exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity, never to be reproduced. 

Each cask is estimated to contain more than 100 bottles and members can be there on that historic first day to make the whisky themselves, fill their own Connoisseur’s Cask and see it stored in the distillery warehouse. The Connoisseurs’ Club limited membership costs £12,000, which includes the unique signature cask, exclusive annual events, accommodation at the nearby 4-star Trout Hotel, delivery, all duty and VAT. It’s estimated if kept, the cask will be worth over £20,000 in years to come.

The Founders’ Club

The first ever distillery in the beautiful Lake District, opening later this year, is setting aside the first ever 100 casks of malt whisky produced for members of its Founders’ Club. Each year for ten years, members will receive one 70cl bottle making up a collectible set of the distillery’s first ever production, all with unique, limited edition labels. These casks will not be available for the general public and are uniquely reserved for members. 

As the bottles will undoubtedly be keepsakes, members will also receive two miniatures each year to taste the spirit as it develops over time into a wonderful, single malt whisky. Founder’s Club membership costs just £595, with an expected value of over £1,400 over the ten years period.

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