Port Askaig & Single Malts of Scotland Tasting July 11th, 2020 at The Whisky Shop #SFO – Scotch Whisky News

Saturday, July 11th, 5:30PM:

 Port Askaig Single Malts of Scotland

Delve into the world of Scotch whisky at our our expert presented virtual tasting! This free tasting features ‘Single Malts of Scotland,’ an independently bottled collection of single casks small batch scotch, plus peaty bottlings from award-winning Islay distillery ‘Port Askaig’.  Guests will learn about the different scotch whisky producing regions and get a behind-the-scenes look at independent bottling single cask processes.

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Compass Box “Three whiskies with fascinating stories to tell” – Scotch Whisky News

Every great whisky should tell a story all on its own. From the first nosing to the long finish, whisky can inspire a very personal journey. Yet there’s always the story of its creation too. And it was the combination of the two that our founder John Glaser explored during our first virtual tasting this past Sunday.

People from over 30 countries joined us via Zoom to hear about our award-winning whiskies The Peat Monster, The Spice Tree and The Story of the Spaniard. But for those who weren’t able to drop in, here are some highlights from the stories he told…


The surprising label for this whisky is typical of the work of Texas-based artist Marc BurckhardtHis fascination with fables, allegories and myths felt like the perfect match, and we’re proud to have collaborated with a painter who’s worked with Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and won a Grammy for Johnny Cash album artwork.


Our first batch released in 2005 caught the attention of the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), who felt our creative process didn’t follow the rules on traditional techniques. So we stopped production and worked on a new method for incorporating French oak in the cask heads. The result was a very similar flavour to the original. It relaunched in 2009, and eventually received the SWA’s blessing.


John had yet to become a whiskymaker when he was enthralled by the stories of an elderly man in a tiny Spanish bar. The gent recounted the history of the local Sherry and made an indelible impression. Many years later, that chance encounter inspired this Sherry cask-aged whisky.

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2020/07/compass-box-three-whiskies-with-fascinating-stories-to-tell-scotch-whisky-news/

2006 Highland Park 12 Year Old “K&L Exclusive” Cask #5036 First Fill European Oak Sherry – Scotch Whisky News

Among the Finest Whiskies Money Can Buy
2006 Highland Park 12 Year Old “KL Exclusive” Cask #5036 First Fill European Oak Sherry Hogshead Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky ($159.99)
“This will easily be one of the best whiskies of the year at any price point.”
— David Othenin-Girard, KL SoCal Spirits Buyer

NOTE: In accordance with local directives, our walk-in retail locations are currently closed. We have curbside pickup and low cost (often free) delivery options available in ZIP codes where we can ship lawfully, including anywhere in California. We can also include any new or existing will call orders in your delivery batch. Choose local delivery at checkout to learn if you qualify.

While $160 might seem a lot for a 12-year-old single malt, the cask highlighted here is no ordinary bottling. First, it comes from Highland Park, one of the most celebrated distilleries in all of Scotland. Second, it is aged in a first fill European cask that was shipped directly from Jerez, and casks of this quality come at premium based on their exceptional quality and scarcity. Third, it clocks in at a staggering 132 proof, making it a spirit of unparalleled potency. Add all this up and you have one of the most thrilling opportunities we’ve seen this year. As the tasting notes below will attest, this is a multi-dimensional affair that delivers all the best Highland Park has to offer. The fact is, a whisky of this pedigree could cost three times the price and still be considered an outstanding buy. Because we have a strong relationship with Highland Park, we have access to some of their very finest casks, and this is undoubtedly among the best we’ve encountered. Simply put, this is a single malt no serious whisky collector should be without. It’s not often magical expressions like this one come along, making this a rare opportunity to own one of the best 12-years money can buy.

2006 Highland Park 12 Year Old “KL Exclusive” Cask #5036 First Fill European Oak Sherry Hogshead Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) ($159.99)

After last year’s successful campaign of single casks from Highland Park, this exceptional distillery is back at it again. Last year, after years of being denied of the privilege, we finally secured a cask of the venerated Orkney producer’s finest. That was a single second fill hogshead and it was, by all accounts, a monster. How could we possibly top that glorious offer? Well, since we sold out in a matter of weeks, we figured we probably never would. But Highland Park pulled out all the stops and searched deep in their warehouses for something that could possibly match the unctuous character of that amazing bottle. We’re very lucky to have a great relationship with the owners of the distillery, so we had first crack at this year’s offerings. This first fill European oak sherry hogshead is a stunner. On paper it looks similar to the previous cask, but you’ll note the distinction in the source of the wood. European oak is much rarer than American oak when it comes to sherry and it’s reserved typically for only the highest quality wines. American oak is abundant and cheap and more forgiving, offering stronger vanilla notes and softer tannins. The bold richness of the European oak requires decades on the bodega’s soleras to soften and because they’re so expensive and prized by the producers, less of it gets discarded for use in Scotland. Put the finest spirit into the finest wood and you’ve got a recipe for something magical. That’s exactly what we’ve got here. Don’t forget to add a splash of water.

Andrew Whiteley | KL Staff Member | Review Date: June 23, 2020

A veritable powder keg. This whisky is as beastly now that it’s bottled as the day we first sampled it. It’s wound up tight just waiting to burst forth. The European oak is simply stunning. The depth of the sweet baking spices is rivaled by the bright fresh cracked pepper and balanced out perfectly by Highland Park’s signature heather peat smoke. The nose is bold and dry at first – raisined fruit and citrus peel fight against a beautiful oxidized nuttiness. The rich orange marmalade comes out with a touch of water as do the sweeter more candied sherry notes. The finish is a long dissertation on chocolate and nuts and how well they go together. When you take something as great as Highland Park and select out only the finest barrels of the highest quality and bottle them at full proof – it’s pure magic. Truly a bottle to hang your collector’s hat on.

David Othenin-Girard | KL Staff Member | Review Date: June 22, 2020

Some bystanders might glance at the price of this cask and balk, but anyone who’s more concerned with getting the best possible quality than pinching pennies will take a second look. Not many blue chip distillers are willing to bottle single cask for us and Highland Park isn’t throwing us their leftovers with this program. This is top-tier single malt with pedigree. In addition to that, this product is the exact same price as last year’s cask and comes from even more prized stocks than last year’s. It’s first fill, meaning it was dumped in Jerez after years of maturing sherry and immediately filled with this spirit on arrival in Scotland. It’s European oak, a rarity that costs both the bodega and the distiller a significant premium over the much more common American oak hogshead. And finally, it’s a whopping 132 proof, bordering on hazmat. The resulting whisky is beyond what I would normally describe as a bomb. It’s more like an ICBM. Let’s have a taste. The color is mahogany. The nose is unusually restrained considering the color and proof. It’s almost asleep at first pour. Subtle hints of chocolate powder, dried fruit, cinnamon and clove. But, one tiny sip and you realize the immensity of this whisky is completely masked. It’s thick. Coating the mouth and offering endlessly deep layers of oloroso, hints of salty, clean smoke, dried apricots, hot candies, caramelized pecans. Complete devastation. Just a few splashes of water and the nose opens to meet the palate. Unusually, I think there’s a careful balance to reach on that front, with the power and depth of the whisky and the great complexity meeting somewhere between 110-120 proof. Add slowly and let it find itself. Once it’s there, expect that on the nose chocolate powder will to turn to molten fudge. Candied mango, sultanas, the finest old teak, far away pipe smoke, and hints of the ocean smashing onto rock. On the palate, now we have all the spices, Manuka honey, a perfect wafting background smoke. A steep, strong whisky that requires a good deal of time to fully appreciate, but once you reach the top, you’ll find few better views. This will easily be one of the best whiskies of the year at any price point.

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2020/07/2006-highland-park-12-year-old-kl-exclusive-cask-5036-first-fill-european-oak-sherry-scotch-whisky-news/

The Spirit of Arran – ‘Project North & South’ – Scotch x 2 Whisky News

The Spirit of Arran – ‘Project North South’.

Isle of Arran Distillers Ltd has laid the groundwork to create a unique Blended Malt by filling casks with new spirit from both their Lagg and Lochranza distilleries on the Isle of Arran.

The independent Scotch whisky company owns and operates two distilleries on the Isle of Arran; Lochranza Distillery in the north and Lagg Distillery in the south. In March this year both distilleries underwent a period of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The UK has seen the temporary closure of many businesses a lot of which have still not re-opened at the time of this release.

When the distilleries began production again on 11th May after this short period of closure, the first runs of new spirit from each distillery were vatted together.  This precious mix, combining both heavily-peated and un-peated spirit, was filled into Bourbon Barrels, Sherry Hogsheads and Sherry Butts at their Lochranza Distillery. These unusual casks will now slumber on the island until the time is right for bottling as a future Blended Malt.

This is a particularly interesting project to mark this unique moment in time.  As an island whisky producer, Isle of Arran Distillers is in the rare position of owning a lowland and a highland distillery both based on one island off the west coast of Scotland.  The DNA of the two distilleries is inextricably linked through their island connection and the flavour profile of the future Blended Malt Whisky is bound to create something very special with which to remember this period in history.

Director of Operations Production for Lagg and Lochranza Distilleries, James MacTaggart said: “This is a first for Isle of Arran.  We are aware of blended malts where the whisky from one distillery is married with that of another, or blended whiskies created by mixing grain with malt whisky, however this is the first time that we know of malt whisky from two sister distilleries being blended at the spirit stage. As the owners of two wonderful distilleries on the Isle of Arran, we felt it was right to join the two sides of our island together and produce a whisky that would always be a marker for this unique period in time.”

Isle of Arran Sales Manager, Andy Bell said “I am proud to have played a part in creating this truly unique blend, and will follow with interest as these casks mature. The experimentation at the heart of this process speaks to the truly independent nature of our company.”


Accolades for Isle of Arran Distillery include Winner for:

Drinks Business Best Contribution to Wine and Spirits Tourism (2017)

Best Brewery/Distillery Tour – Scottish Outdoor Leisure Awards (2017)

Best Visitor Experience – Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions (2018)

Product Awards include:

Arran 10 year-old: Gold Medal ‘Best Single Malt 12 Years Under, World Whiskies Awards (2019) San Francisco World Spirits Competition Double Gold Medal (2018). International Wine Spirits Competition Gold Medal (2018). Category Winner and Gold Medal ‘Best Scotch Under 12 Years’ Islands Non-Islay at the World Whiskies Awards (2018). International Spirits Challenge Silver Medal (2018). Ultimate Spirits Challenge 91 points (2018). Ultimate Spirits Challenge Cocktail Commendation for the Rob Roy (2018). Double Gold Medal China Wine Spirits Best Value Awards (2014)

Arran 18 year-old: Gold Medal Category Winner ‘Best Single Malt 13 – 20 Years, World Whiskies Awards (2020)  Gold Medal ‘Best Single Malt 13 – 20 Years, World Whiskies Awards (2019) International Wine Spirits Competition Gold Medal (2018) Category Winner Gold Medal ‘Best Scotch 13-20 Years – Islands (Non- Islay) World Whiskies Awards (2018). International Spirits Challenge Silver Medal (2018) Scottish Field Whisky Challenge – Gold Award for Best Whisky £50-100 (2018)

Quarter Cask ‘The Bothy’: Best Scotch Island Single Malt, World Whiskies Awards (2020 2019) Category Winner Gold Medal ‘No Age Statement Single Malt’ for The Bothy Batch 3 World Whiskies Awards (2018). International Wine Spirits Competition Silver Outstanding Medal (2018). International Spirits Challenge Silver Medal (2018)

Arran Barrel Reserve:  Silver Medal ‘No Age Statement Single Malt’ World Whiskies Awards (2020)

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2020/07/the-spirit-of-arran-project-north-south-scotch-x-2-whisky-news/

Whisky Auctioneer June 2020 Auction Now Live – Whisky News

 Our June Auction is Now Live!

Please take the time to scroll through the highlights below, which have been hand-selected from this month’s offering for your attention.

Each one presents an exceptional opportunity to add to your whisky collection. 



If you’re looking for a Speyside collectible, there is nothing more classic than The Balvenie Vintage Cask Series. Included in our June Auction is the desirable 1951 Vintage Cask 1236, one of the very first casks to be bottled for the series, producing only 90 bottles of this collector’s item.





Our June Auction welcomes two of these beautiful bourbons for the first time at Whisky Auctioneer! A luxurious bottling from bourbon favourites, Eagle Rare, this has been bottled at 20 years of age into just 299 bespoke crystal decanters. Read more about this bottle in one of our latest news articles.


Yamazaki were one of the first Japanese distilleries to win an international award for their whisky – a much deserved accolade. Today they are one of the largest producers of Japanese whisky,  and their limited editions such as the ones below are growing increasingly rare.


Due to the post-Second World War rationing of coal, The Macallan was forced to malt with a higher amount of peat than normal, imparting an unusual but reputed smoky flavour to the 1948 Select Reserve. Each bottle was marked with an individual date, this one the 4th July, which could be a fitting tribute with Independence Day on the horizon.



R.W. Duthie of Aberdeen provided casks to a number of international distributors, including the Corti Brothers in the US, and early Samaroli releases.  This month, we have two stunning vintage examples bottled by the company itself, a 1978 Lagavulin and 1979 Macallan-Glenlivet.


To raise funds for those in the Speyside community and in tribute to the cancelled festival, Glenfiddich will release an exclusive limited edition ‘Spirit of Speyside 2020’ bottling in an exclusive charity auction from 17 – 22 June 2020 on WhiskyAuctioneer.com.

Read more about the results and the deserving Speyside charities here.


Interested in selling whisky? As the leading online rare whisky auction, we offer a personal and expert approach to selling your cherished bottles by giving them the international exposure they deserve.

Next auction: 24 July – 3 August
Bottle deadline: 13 July

For free expert valuation for your bottle(s) or to discuss the best ways to get your bottles to us contact us at info@whiskyauctioneer.com

Our team are standing by to assist you through the process, get in touch today to discuss options on how we can help you.

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Virgin Kilian Five ~ Whisky made in Germany – Whisky News

Virgin Kilian Five

Whisky made in Germany

Ernie Scheiner, The Gateway to Distilleries www.whisky-distilleries.net

Sankt Kilian Distillers of Lower Frankonia stand for an exemplary innovation on the German and international whisky market. Master Distiller and Managing Director Mario Rudolf may draw to the full. The equipment of the distillery is largely Scottish, the temperature controlled wooden fermenters are from Dufftown, the onion shaped short neck pot stills were manufactured by Forsyth in Rothes. The Irish distilling expert David F. Hynes – Cooley and Great Northern – implemented also Irish tradition into the distilling process by fitting a water cooled reflux pipe into the lyne arm of the spirit still. German craftsmen set up the pipes and wires. The inter-European cooperation lead to a unique state of the art distillery in a small village Rüdenau near the Main River. Non-peated barley comes from the region and is malted exclusively by the Maltster Weyermann whereas Boort Malt from Glenesk in Angus supplies peated malt varieties (54ppm).  Mario Rudolf who is a Master Brewer with a degree in Brewing is the first German distiller to cultivate the Scottish barley variety Laureate by a biological farmer in a neighbouring village this year.

The first peated and non-peated spirits were double distilled in 2016. They mature in a huge variety of casks. Over 200 different cask types modify the aromas of the spirits in steel racked warehouses at the distillery. Thousands of casks lie in a nearby Bunkers which were used by the U.S. Army during the Cold War.

The origin of the casks, their different sizes and various sorts of wood – in the European Union distillers may use any kind of wood for their whisky maturation – allow the Kilian distilling team to experiment the impact of charred, toasted wood from oak to mulberry, acacia et cetera. In the racks you may find casks which held Bourbon, white or red wine, rum, Sherry, cider, beer or even Jägermeister. The large variety of wood is highly exceptional in the whisky industry and makes for rather astonishing aroma profiles. Rudolf and his young team generate a diversified portfolio of whiskies that is rather exceptional in Germany and Europe. The annual production capacity was 200 000 LPA in 2019. Rudolf has developed wood management to perfection.

Investor and owner Andreas Thümmler, who is from Rüdenau where the distillery is located, has been persueing strategies to become the best German whisky producer. The corporate finance manager is a whisky enthusiast and collector. He has created a trusting framework in which his team can work creatively. The previous four St. Kilian Signature Editions as well as the multipied Distillery only bottlings have proved the positive results of their whisky making approach. The reception of Kilian whiskies has been consistently positive: Jurors of the latest World Whisky Awards 2020 voted St. Kilian the best Single Malt of Germany.

Not only Kilian‘s cask management is innovative and exemplary. In October 2019 German and Austrian Distillers made an excursion – organized by The Gateway to Distilleries – to the prominent tonelerias in Montilla and Jerez. The impact was tremendous. Just recently Mario Rudolf has initiated a sherry-liqueur wine experiment in an most inspiring way. His objective is to find out in which kind of Andalusian barrel their peaty and non-peaty spirits receive and develop a diversified aroma profile. Not many small scale distilleries can afford such a mid-term project.

“From the following five tonelerias with the corresponding Bodegas we recently received a truckload of great barrels directly from Andalusia:

– Toneleria Tevasa Jerez – Bodegas Baron Sanlúcar de Barrameda

– Toneleria Hudo Jerez – Bodegas Williams Humbert Jerez

– Toneleria del Sur (Casknolia) Montilla

– Bodegas Xeranthia Jerez and Bodega Malaga Virgen Malaga (Casknolia)

– Toneleria Juan Pino Montilla – Bodegas Sanchez Romate Jerez

– Toneleria Rodriguez Montilla – Bodegas Navarro and Rodriguez Montilla.”

From these cooperages and bodegas, which are largely appreciated worldwide among whisky makers, Kilian distillery selected casks seasoned with either Oloroso or Pedro Ximénez liqueur wines. In Spring 2020 they had recieved butts from the toneleria Paez in Jerez. Very special casks which held previously Manzanilla wine – a rather dry sherry from Palomino grapes came from the cooperage Tevasa in Jerez. The casks were seasoned in a renowned Bodega in the seaside town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Other hogsheads came from a famous Jerez Bodega not to be named.

Virgin Oak influences the new Kilian FIVE

The latest St. Kilian Signature Edition FIVE was realeased on the German Whisky Day 2020, 27th June. Whiskies blended from virgin casks only is quite a challenge for any whisky maker, because of the structural impact of the tannins from the oak. The Kilian whiskies of the vatting matured over three years in five different virgin-oak casks to create an aromatic and challenging composition of flavours. The fast maturing Kilian spirit, the mild climate of the region, the warehouses and the exceptional wood of the virgin casks have induvidually contributed to the character of the Signature Malt. It seems as if the spirit plays well with the tannins of the oak wood regarding the aroma profile. Rudolf proudly says: “Soft, rounded aromas and mild taste of delicately spiced oak convey the feeling of a refreshing walk though the woods. The vatting is a result of five different geographical destinations of the oak barrels. They come from cooperages in Hungary, Germany and America.“

The Kilian Single Malt Whisky “Made in Germany” is made of 100% German barley malted by the Franconian Malster Weyermann. A long fermentation period guaranteed a high level of fruitiness of the wash. The high reflux of heavy alcohols in the spirit still and a gentle double distillation formed an aromatic clean spirit with notes of ripe apples and pears. It is the basis of the new unpeated Kilian Edition.

For the Cuvée FIVE Master Blender Rudolf selected a range of whiskies which were drawn exclusively from virgin oak casks, i.e. they absolutely had not held any liquid before filling with Kilian malt spirits. Within a period of only about three years they have developed aroma profiles perfectly well. The individual impact of the virgin casks is shown in the five deconstruction samples. From subtle sweetness to prominent spicyness, from light to dark fruit. It is a variation of its kind. The smaller the cask the more colour and tannins appear.

Rudolf’s vatting recipe is quite astonishing. Full transparency is his production policy. Aroma and taste of the Kilian Signature Edition FIVE were largely influenced by the following cask selection. The aroma comes from:

34% from a 190 l cask made of American white oak, charring level three, by the Cooperages ISC and East Bernstadt, U.S.

26% from a 190 l cask set up with European oak by an Austrian cooperage. Rudolf: „They are very rare casks and no longer in production as European oak is very difficult to handle for this size of casks. They had a tendency of leaking.“

20% from a 200 l cask, a special hybrid barrel made of charred American oak staves and toasted French oak staves by World Cooperage, U.S.

13% from a 50 l cask, German fine grain Palatian oak – Traubeneiche -, medium toasted plus, Cooperage Markus Eder, Germany

7% from a 100 l cask made of Hungarian sessile oak by the coopers of Dolium Cask and Timber Manufacturing Ltd., Budapest 

What does the new Kilian Five taste like?

St Kilian‘s latest creation offers an amber colour with some slight reddish reflections. Strong but not pungent alcohol impressions flow into the nose which are followed by an impressive bundle of sweet fruity notes of dark fruit. One might also think of some freshly pressed quince juice. These impressions are joined by subtle woody aromas, accompanied by a prominent spicy herbal note plus some fresh ginger tones. The alcohol as such is very well integrated and by no means dominant on the palate. Pronounced long lasting sweetness and a smooth oiliness make the Fiver a pleasant and charming dram despite its high bottling alcohol concentration of 52,5 % abv. However, the finish is rather dry. Vanilla notes reverberate discreetly, sweetness and fruity impressions are lingering slowly.

Master Distiller and Blender Rudolf presents an exciting and harmoniously well balanced German Whisky. Edition Five has got an international rarity value due to the originality of its virgin cask recipe. The young Single Malt is a pleasure and delight. It tastes delicious and has got a pleasant smooth mouthfeel. The new Kilian is a tasty and charming whisky. However, by addition of some drops of still water the whisky some of its exciting character shaping spicy notes will be vanishing. The Kilian Signature Edition Five is not artificially coloured with sugar caramel and not chill-filtered. It is bottled in a designed bottle which represents the shape of the spirit still.

The high alcohol content of 52.5 % vol. gives this edition, which is limited to 6,000 bottles, a rather stringent aromatic appearance. Rudolf: “The wash was distilled between October 2016 and April 2017 and the mélange was created in April 2020.” The final result is a profound German whisky with a high rarity value. Above all, this non-peated Kilian version is pleasing nose and palate, too. It is a fine tipple.

The Kilian Signature Edition Five is available in miniature bottles 0.05 l. The whisky may be ordered directly from Sankt Kilian distillery or at whisky retailers in Germany. Recommended retail price is 39,90 Euro for a  0,5 l bottle.

Contact: https://www.stkiliandistillers.com (there is no English version)

Please see also: The Gateway to Distilleries at www.whisky-distilleries.net

Saint Kilian is happy Part 1

Sanz Kilian is happy Part 2

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2020/06/virgin-kilian-five-whisky-made-in-germany-whisky-news/

Lagavulin & GlenDronach at K&L California – Scotch Whisky News

Lagavulin 16 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) (Elsewhere $100) $89.99 View

90-95 points Wine Enthusiast

Outer quote mark Soy sauce, olive brine, peat, honey, oloroso Sherry, brewer’s yeast, bread dough, barley malt and cigar smoke in the bouquet. The flavor that magically includes the innate intense peatiness of Islay malts and the masterly employment of oak barrels phase defines ‘classy Islay.’ Concludes sweetly, without sacrificing the tangy, astringent peatiness that is inherent. Gorgeous. *Best Buy* Inner quote mark (6/2006)

92 points Whisky Advocate

Outer quote mark Lagavulin is a classic example of how smoke isn’t a blunt instrument that covers everything in a fog, but an element that works with all the flavors produced in distillation and maturation. Lagavulin isn’t ‘smoky,’ its peat moves into a weird territory of Lapsang Souchong tea and pipe tobacco, fishboxes and kippers. It smells of laurel and light cereal, but is always sweet. The palate shows more creosote, with hints of kelp and a little touch of iodine. Complex. (DB, Summer 2012) Inner quote mark

Wine Spectator

Outer quote mark A fascinating turn on an essentially peaty Islay. The smoke offers a toasty element as it coyly introduces itself on the nose, with hard candy as a partner. The peat comes on with salt spray in the mouth, but once again gets quite candy sweet, with a bread dough core. On the finish the smoke fairly disappears for a while as you enjoy the delicate sweetness, masking the next wave of toast at the outer limits. (JB, OD) Inner quote mark (2/2011)

KL Notes

Lagavulin was established in 1830 and has the driest start of all single malts. Full amber in color, with a dominant sherry nose. Full-bodied yet smooth. The dryness is offset by the sweetness of the sherry character. Salty notes, and a huge, powerful, peaty finish. A connoisseur’s malt, and with consistently high marks from late critic Michael Jackson.

2008 Glendronach 11 Year Old KL Exclusive First Fill Single Oloroso Puncheon #2988 Cask Strength Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky $99.99 View

After a nearly half decade hiatus, we’re back with a distillery-bottled exclusive single cask of ‘Dronanch. This delicious barrel was selected by our two spirits buyers, Andrew and David, way back in May of 2019. This Oloroso puncheon was filled September 17 of 2008 and bottled at the beginning of 2020 at cask strength without chill-filtration. Glendronach has become one of Scotland’s most well regarded and consistently delicious producers. The distillery was officially founded 1826, just outside the town of Huntley in a hidden valley in the rolling hills of the Eastern Highlands. The distillery was refurbished with two additional stills in the ’60s and was one of the last distilleries to stop using coal to fire the stills. The floor maltings continued to operate until 1996. GlenDronach had long been renowned for its use of sherry casks, but not until the BenRiach company purchased the distillery in 2008 did it become a serious contender in the eyes of whisky aficionados. This would have been one of the first whiskies distilled by the new owners. In 2016, Brown-Forman purchased Glendronach and its sister distilleries. Now, we finally have access to single casks from this special distillery once again. Holding nearly 100L more than a standard sherry butt, this first fill sherry puncheon has everything you’ve come to expect from this excellent distillery – bold, rich, and powerful. There are few better on the market than this special malt from the Valley of the Brambles.

Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2020/06/lagavulin-glendronach-at-kl-california-scotch-whisky-news/

New: Ardbeg single cask / Glenmorangie Malaga Cask / Craigellachie 1995

Ardbeg 2000 single cask

Ardbeg 2000 single cask #10

It seems a new Ardbeg single cask is around the corner. Cask #10 is a first-fill bourbon barrel filled in January 2000 and taken out early June 2020. It is bottled at cask strength 46.7% with 179 bottles available.


Glenmorangie Barrel Select Release - Malaga Cask

Glenmorangie Barrel Select Release – Malaga Cask

With ‘fake’ sherry casks being sourced from Huelva and Montilla-Moriles, it always surprised me that none of the distilleries were getting casks from the Malaga region. Just south of the sherry region, it makes a series of similar wines, like the very sweet Malaga Virgen.

Until now, that is, as Glenmorangie will soon release a Glenmorangie Barrel Select Release with a Malaga Cask finish. It’s a 12 year-old whisky finished in first-fill Malaga ‘Dulce’ wine casks and bottled at 47.3% ABV.


Craigellachie single cask 1995

Craigellachie Exceptional Cask 1995 #5229

Bottled in March 2020, a Craigellachie 1995 single cask #5229 will arrive soon.

The whisky is 24 years old and matured in a sherry cask yet the tasting notes make it seem like the sherry influence is subtle, with notes of pineapple tatin, vanilla and soft brown sugar. It comes at cask strength 52.2% ABV with 474 bottles available.


Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength

Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength

A new Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength is planned for the festive season at the end of 2020, hence the Christmas hats on the Islay sheep. It comes at a whopping strength of 58.6% ABV.


BenRiach GlenDronach single casks 2020

There are also a few details about upcoming (single) cask whisky releases from BenRiach and Glendronach. These could be US exclusives by the way:

  • GlenDronach 2008 Cask bottling #3017 (Oloroso sherry puncheon)
  • GlenDronach 2005 Cask bottling #1928 (Pedro Ximénez puncheon)
  • GlenDronach 1994 Cask bottling #5287 (Port Pipe)
  • GlenDronach 1993 Cask bottling #7102 (Oloroso sherry puncheon)
  • BenRiach 2010 Cask Edition #7440 (Tennesse Whiskey)
  • BenRiach 2009 Cask Edition #6247 (Tennessee Whiskey barrel)
  • BenRiach 2009 Cask Edition #4507 (Oloroso sherry puncheon)


Also interesting

Things that may not have been widely announced but that grabbed my attention in shops recently…

No related posts.

Article source: https://www.whiskynotes.be/2020/whisky-news/ardbeg-single-cask-glenmorangie-malaga-cask-craigellachie-1995-whisky/

Milroys online Tasting with Colin & Simo July 8th, 2020 – Whisky News

Colin  Simo
Tastes  of  Scotland

Tastes of Scotland Online Tasting 7:00pm 08/07/20

Please join us for a night with two of the industry’s biggest legends our very own Simo and the notorious Colin Dunn. Through the evening they will take you through some of their favourite bottlings from across Scotland, you will be spending the evening tasting through a range of six whiskies from some of the best distillers, independent bottlers, and a couple of our own tasty Milroys expressions.

Colin Dunn

Colin has been part of the whisky industry for 35 years having a hand in bringing Suntory to the UK while working for Morrisons Bowmore. Now he lays his hat with Diageo as the Global Whisky Ambassador. Colin’s enthusiasm for all things whisky is only surpassed by the stories he has. These will transport you to a damp peat bog or a still house with a scent of malt and spirit.


The one and only Simo owner of Millroys, rider of Harleys and seller of Whiskies.

Amongst running the shop and bars he has led the Milroys team to help bring some incredible liquid to market that spans the whisky world whether that would be a cloudberry wine cask Mackmyra or a 24-year Old Glenfarclas.

A little known fact is that Simo decided to buy Milroys after trying a Carn Mor bottling of a 1989 Bunnahabain, so we are very excited to include another Carn Mor, the Dailuaine 1995 celebration of the cask to this tasting.

 This online tasting includes:

An invitation to join Colin and Simo on 8th July at 7:00pm (GMT) for an online tasting experience, also a flight of 6 25ml drams of :

Lagavulin 8 Year Old, 48%
Dailuiane 22 Year Old ,1995, Càrn Mòr, 43.6%
Mortlach 20 Year Old, 43.4%
Cragganmore 12 Year Old, (Special Release 2019), 58.4%
Compass Box, Great King Street Artist’s Blend: Milroys, 49.0%
Glenfarclas 24 Year Old, Milroys Exclusive, 50%,

Book Tasting


Article source: http://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2020/06/milroys-online-tasting-with-colin-simo-july-8th-2020-whisky-news/

Secret Orkney 2000 (Le Gus’t)

Too many undisclosed Orkney single malts to choose from these days. Here’s a 2000 vintage bottled by Le Gus’t in France from a single hogshead.


Secret Orkney 18 yo 2000 (53,1%, Le Gus’t 2019, hogshead #21, 356 btl.)

Nose: damp leaves, heather and chalk. Beach sand, salty touches and floral top notes, lilies perhaps. Hints of sour berries and mirabelles in second row. Bay leaves. Lanolin as well. A good mix of austerity and roundness.

Mouth: a little peaty sharpness and lemon zest at first, then hints of peaches and oranges. Mineral notes, gentian, a touch of brine and sweet mustard. A nice waxy / oily touch with hints of almonds. Floral honey and white pepper.

Finish: long, with a subtle herbal / bitter side, coastal notes and heathery peat.

Nice Highland Park, muscular and austere but always balanced by sweeter fruits and floral honey. All of these are high quality. Still available from Cave Conseil.

Article source: https://www.whiskynotes.be/2020/highland-park/secret-orkney-2000-le-gus-t/