Cotswolds 3 Years (TBWC)

This is the first Cotswolds whisky in the Boutique-y Whisky Company range, probably the first independent bottling of this distillery and… the first Cotswolds I will try.

Established in 2014, it is one of six distilleries producing whisky in England. It was one of the projects guided by Dr. Jim Swan, famous for his ‘accelerating’ STR casks (shaved, toasted, re-charred American oak wine barrels).



Cotswolds 3 Years - Boutiquey Whisky CoCotswolds 3 Years - Boutiquey Whisky CoCotswolds 3 yo (50,4%, That Boutique-y Whisky Company 2019, Batch #1, 1785 btl.)

Nose: light, with peaches, plums and vanilla cream, fructose sweetness and cereal biscuits. Jam on toast. You also get a bit of a virgin oak / freshly shaved woody touch, including a fragrant marzipan note. Mouth: good texture, showing bright fruity notes (peaches, berries, pink grapefruit) that are quite nice, mixing with warm oak without overdoing it. Vanilla biscuits again, plenty of malty notes. Some ginger and pepper and soft tannins. Toffee and chocolate towards the end. Finish: medium, on barley, apples and oak.

You can’t really blame them for pulling the STR trick: it does make the whisky feel more mature. Here it’s executed properly, with a fair balance. It might bring it closer to other distilleries that rely on STR, but for a three year-old this is simply very good. Available from Master of Malt.

Score: 82/100

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Compass Box “Why we made: Myths & Legends” – Scotch Whisky News


Myths Legends is a series of three Limited Edition whiskies, created to challenge certain Scotch “myths” and celebrate the creative opportunities offered by blending.

Here’s why we made our latest release, Myths Legends


In matters of Scotch whisky production, a number of myths have taken root. The role of blending especially is often misunderstood, typically associated only with whiskies of a certain category.

To emphasise the central importance of the blending process to all Scotch whiskies, we have created three distinctive blends. The series opens with two single malts, each the result of blending together a variety of casks from discrete distilleries. The final whisky is a blend of malt whiskies, some fruity and the others peaty, from different distilleries.


In fact, every major brand of single malt blends. Casks filled at the same distillery develop different flavours during maturation, so producers will blend numerous casks together to enhance the complexity of their single malts.

To demonstrate this, Myths Legends I combines two contrasting parcels of whisky from a Northern Highland distillery. Our blend allows the flavours of both parcels to express themselves and reveals a fuller picture of distillery character.


Speyside may be home to the distillery behind Myths Legends II, but the tropical fruitiness and waxy texture of the finished blend have nothing to do with the region.

Instead, the distinctive character of this whisky stems from particular processes at the distillery, maturation in different cask types for different lengths of time, and the choices made in the Blending Room.

To understand the flavours of Myths Legends II, knowing the whisky’s region is not enough.


A distillery’s reputation should never limit how its whiskies are used. If a whisky is truly great, the whiskymaker can emphasise its virtues even further through blending.

For Myths Legends III, we added casks from two celebrated island distilleries to some of the same whiskies used in Myths Legends II. The fruitiness and notes of butterscotch remain, but they are now complemented and enriched by aromatic peatiness.

Creativity and quality matter more than legendary status, or the sanctity of a category.


We love Scotch whisky’s countless stories, but when they impose limits on our enjoyment of the whisky itself it is time to think more critically.

The Myths Legends series encourages whisky fans to examine old assumptions and to trust their own palate as the ultimate arbiter of quality. These whiskies reveal the beautiful forms and captivating flavours we can create through blending.


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Glen Grant 1956 – Mr George Centenary

Glen Grant 1956 - Gordon  MacPhail

Glen Grant 1956 - Gordon  MacPhail


Gordon MacPhail have just presented a Glen Grant 1956 ‘Mr George Centenary Edition’ in honour of George Urquhart, the second generation of the family that owns GM and the grandfather of the current directors. It would have been his 100th birthday just now.

He created the Connoisseurs Choice range in 1968, giving little-known distilleries a platform to present their whisky in its purest form, as a single malt.

The spirit, from one of his favourite distilleries Glen Grant, was personally matched by Mr George to a first-fill sherry butt made to his specific requirements. It is bottled after 62 years of maturation and presented in a decanter with a wooden case. Only 235 bottles will be available from specialist whisky retailers for £ 5000.



Glen Grant 1956 - Mr George CentenaryGlen Grant 1956 - Mr George CentenaryGlen Grant 62 yo 1956 (51,7%, Gordon MacPhail ‘Mr George Centenary Edition’ 2019, first-fill sherry butt #4455, 235 btl.)

Nose: great intensity and aromatics. There’s a wave of oak polish up front, with whiffs of acetone. These fade and anyway, I adore them. Figs and Corinth raisins, lush cherries and blackberry jelly. Then eucalyptus, rosewood and cedar, caramelised brown sugar, old rancio notes and tobacco. Mediterranean herbs add to the freshness. Slightly tense floral notes and honey. Reminds me of the Book of Kells releases, just majestic. Mouth: the oak feels a bit but there’s much more to be discovered. Lots of pipe tobacco and cognac rancio again, then thick blackcurrants, even flashes of clementine and pink grapefruit and marmalade which make it lighter. Moves towards dark chocolate, nuts, clove and allspice. Hints of coffee. Subtle traces of smoked / charred wood. Finish: more chocolate, black peppercorn and oak char.

Quite spectacular how the cask enriched this whisky. A luscious, complex dram that you can nose for hours. It’s neither too dry nor flat, which is sometimes the case at this age. Expensive of course, but a special treat and a very worthy tribute.

Score: 93/100

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Ardbeg Ar11 (Elements of Islay)

Ardbeg Ar11 is one of the latest Elements of Islay releases. Matured in a combination of American oak ex-bourbon and first-fill Pedro Ximénez sherry butts.



Ardbeg Ar11 - Elements of IslayArdbeg Ar11 - Elements of IslayArdbeg Ar11 2000 (56,8%, Elements of Islay 2019, 840 btl.)

Nose: pretty exemplary. Black raisins, figs, oranges, poached pears, with a nice juicy sour touch (rhubarb compote, citrus). Cold ashes and tar, seaweed, lovely tobacco notes and hints of leather. Light pencil shavings. Actually fairly elegant and not over-PX-ed, I like that. Mouth: much more intense now, with a blast of camphory peat and rich smoke. Big peppery notes too, as well as clove, before it goes off to dark chocolate, liquorice, raisins, brine and tapenade, burnt caramel, dark roast coffee and herbal notes. Quite massive now. Water brings out more mocha and more woody notes. Finish: long, with a return of plummy notes, alongside aniseed and peppery oak.

It’s only so often that you see Ardbeg sherry bombs, but they tend to be really good. Recommended. Sold out from The Whisky Exchange, I believe, but it may pop up at other retailers as well.

Score: 90/100

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Alcohol Beverage Industry Veteran Announces Launch Of New Poitín Founder kicks off his family’s legacy of poitín-making with Indiegogo campaign – American Irish Whiskey News

Alcohol Beverage Industry Veteran Announces Launch Of New Poitín Founder kicks off his family’s legacy of poitín-making with Indiegogo campaign.

Decatur, GA, October 3, 2019— After 18 years in the wine and spirits business, Tom Lynch announced his plans for an early 2020 launch of an American-made poitín, which is getting a start now with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Poitín is a famous and infamous spirit in Ireland and with the Irish diaspora. The spirit is making a (now legal) revival in Ireland and is growing in awareness and popularity in America.

“I’ve been making and marketing wine and spirits brands for 18 years” says Founder Tom Lynch, “but this is different. It is based on my family’s legacy of making great poitín that I heard about when I first went back to Ireland. It is a huge challenge and honor to make a poitín worthy of my family’s nick-name, “The Dinger” which they earned by being the best poitín-maker in their part of County Clare.”

Lynch is partnering with Independent Distilling Company in Decatur, GA. To make his poitín in their small, hand-made, direct-fire heated copper pot still. “That still is a poiín-maker’s dream,” said Lynch.

All proceeds from the crowdfunding go directly into the final stages of product development, initial production, packaging and local marketing. “Crowdfunding contributors love helping dreams come true. We’re being efficient and focused with their money so they will be able to see finished product in stores and pubs and know they had a part in helping to make the dream real,” explained Lynch.

The crowdfunding campaign has contributor “perks” including access to a local launch party and participation in local bottling (take your own bottle home with you after), a chance to be a “Distiller For The Day” where you work to help distill poitín then take home a case with your name on the label as a “guest distiller.” Other perks include a 2-liter barrel of un-aged poitín for contributors to age and/or drink as they choose, a unique 13 bottle vertical of samples taken throughout a 2 year barrel aging process, and a trip to County Clare Ireland, guided by Lynch, including a stop at the old Dinger Lynch farm.

About The Dinger Poitin – Back in the day, in rural parts of Ireland, when you were the best at something you were sometimes called “The Dinger.” When I went back to Ireland and heard my ancestors were “the dinger poitín-makers” before they immigrated, I knew one day I’d make a whiskey so bold and smooth and delicious it would be worthy of that name. The drive to live up to a family legacy of great whiskey-making is what drives us daily as we make small batch, single pot still poitín whiskey. Slainte!

About Independent Distilling Co. – Decatur’s Independent Distilling Co. is a no-frills garage distillery. It’s been more than 100 years since Atlanta was last seen as a hotbed of distilling, but we are finally starting to see glimpses of the city’s former glory. Among the four distilleries now operating in the metro area, Independent Distilling Co. has earned our admiration with its bootstrapped, artisan ways.

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Tom Lynch at 310-248-0706 or

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign can be found at

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Limited Edition Expression is the First of the Distillery’s “Barrel Finish Series”

TEMPLETON, IOWA (October 3, 2019) – Templeton Rye Whiskey announces Templeton Rye Maple Cask Finish Whiskey, the first limited-edition expression in their innovative Barrel Finish Series. In collaboration with Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company, Templeton Rye Maple Cask Finish has been expertly finished in ex-Templeton Rye American Oak barrels that were specifically seasoned with the finest Maple Syrup, resulting in a whiskey beautifully balanced between subtle tones of sweetness and Templeton’s complex notes of rye spice.

“We were delighted to work with the family at Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company for our Maple Cash Finish Rye Whiskey, the first limited-edition expression in our Barrel Finish Series,” said Tim Grimes, Brand Ambassador of Templeton Rye. “As they were the first company in the Northeast to ever barrel age Maple Syrup and have that process down to perfection, we felt they were the perfect fit for us on this project.”

To make this authentic Maple Cask Finish Whiskey, fresh maple syrup was produced and shipped from the Vermont farm to the Iowa distillery, where the Templeton team then seasoned 80 empty Templeton barrels with the premium Maple Syrup. To ensure the required influence on the wood, the barrels were then turned daily for a two-month period to allow the syrup to soak into the wood staves and maximize the flavors that would later be imparted into the whiskey during the secondary maturation period.

After the maple syrup is removed, the barrels are then filled with Templeton Straight Rye Whiskey and left for an additional maturation period of two months. The resulting expression is a whiskey with new, elegant notes of dark chocolate enhanced by the time in maple syrup barrels.

Templeton Rye Maple Cask Finish is available in limited quantities, producing a total of 4,000 cases of six for the global market. It is bottled at 46% ABV (92 proof) and can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, and beautifully enhances your classic rye cocktails. For more information on Templeton Rye and their line of whiskeys, visit or follow on Twitter/Facebook at @TempletonRye and Instagram at @TempletonRyeWhiskey.

About Templeton Rye 

Templeton Rye Whiskey, introduced legally in 2006, tracks back to the early 1920s when residents of Templeton distilled a much sought-after rye whiskey. While the whiskey today is different and has evolved, the Templeton portfolio and distillery remains inspired by those original bootleggers and their entrepreneurial spirit. In 2017, Templeton Rye broke ground on the state-of-the-art Templeton Whiskey Distillery and officially opened to visitors in 2018. The distillery in Templeton, Iowa boasts a visitor center, museum, bottling plant, and a 50,000 square foot maturation warehouse with a capacity of 2.6 million bottles per year and the capability to produce all American whiskey styles under one roof. The first distillery run of 100% Iowa-made rye whiskey also took place in 2018 and will be available for consumption in 2022. All current Templeton Rye product available for sale currently has been distilled and aged in Indiana, with blending and bottling taking place at the Iowa distillery. Templeton Rye currently has two core expressions: 4-Year-Old and 6-Year-Old along with the limited-edition releases of Barrel Strength Rye. Learn more about Templeton Rye Whiskey by visiting or follow on Twitter/Facebook at @TempletonRye and Instagram at @TempletonRyeWhiskey.

About Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company 

The Wood’s family-run company has been producing maple syrup in Randolph, Vermont for five-generations. The first generation to settle in Randolph were farmers, who grew and processed all of their food from the land. Today, Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company presides over a 54-acre farm where they tap thousands of trees with buckets and make more than 2,000 gallons of syrup each year.

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Speyside Malt 2005 (Maltbarn)

Unnamed Speyside single malt distilled in 2005 and bottled by Maltbarn. Based on similar releases from other independent bottlers, it is probably a Mac.



Speyside Malt 2005 - MaltbarnSpeyside Malt 2005 - MaltbarnSpeyside Malt 14 yo 2005 (50,4%, Maltbarn 2019, sherry cask, 175 btl.)

Nose: very juicy, bright and lightweight sherry. Marmalade, sour berries, mirabelles and greengages. Apple peel. Hints of (somewhat prickly) oak varnish and a slight grassiness. A little pipe tobacco and almond in the background. Mouth: similar to what the big M is releasing lately. Malty notes, marmalade and citrus again, now more nutty notes as well (walnuts, almond). A little ginger cake, white pepper and soft resinous herbs, as well as some plain oak. Jaffa cake. Finish: quite long, with a toasted, grassy edge and hints of dried fruits.

By no means a sherry powerhouse, but still a nice modern whisky with juicy fruits and balanced oak. Around € 100 from Maltbarn direct.

Score: 86/100

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Glen Flagler 5 Year Old

Distilleerderij: Glen Flagler
Regio: Schotland (Lowlands)
Fles: Glen Flagler 5 Year Old Rare All Malt Scotch, OB 1970s
Kleur: witte wijn
ABV: 40%

Alive Kicking

In 1964 pootte Inver House Distillers een graandistilleerderij neer op het industrieterrein Moffat in Airdrie zo’n 20 kilometer ten oosten van Glasgow. De graanwhisky zou de naam Garnheath meekrijgen. Maar zoals bij vele graandistilleerderijen in die tijd, werden er ook pot stills geïnstalleerd. Bij Garneath (of is dat Moffat?) werden drie malts geproduceerd: Glen Flagler, Killyloch en Islebrae. Die laatste werd nooit als single malt gebotteld, de eerste twee wel. Maar ik hoef er geen tekening bij te maken dat ze nog moeilijk te vinden zijn, wetende dat de distilleerderij al in 1985 terug dicht ging. Fast forward naar 2019 en een vriend in Holland doet een ontdekking in zijn kelder: een aantal flessen Glen Flagler 5 Year Old. Ik kon er twee te pakken krijgen en ben daar best blij om. Het is de tweede Glen Flagler ooit die ik proef, kan je nagaan!

Toegegeven, ik moest hem na het schenken een kwartier laten staan om de OBE wat te laten optrekken. Groot was mijn vrees dat deze na bijna 50 jaar op fles kapot zou zijn, maar die vrees bleek ongegrond. Hij is alive kicking, lentefris en op en top Lowland. Citroengras, vanille, appeltjes en een umami toets die ik enkel kan omschrijven als een verse snede rosbief. Nice!

Ondanks het lage ABV en de jonge leeftijd (qua rijping, bedoel ik dan) heeft deze een mooie body, is licht pikant op witte peper en vertoont een mooie frisheid van munt. Opnieuw lentefruit. Denk citroenen, kruisbessen en een enkele dadel. Iets van koffiekoeken met abrikozen. Dit is verrassend lekker.

In finish is middellang en wordt zelfs een beetje romig. Aangenaam verrast!

Ah, vloeibare geschiedenis en bovendien erg lekker. Wat ben ik hier blij mee. Bedankt, Jan!


Geproefd door Mark Dermul op 16-08-2019
(om snel andere tasting notes te vinden, surf naar

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2005 Laphroaig 13 Year Old “Chieftain’s” K&L Exclusive

2005 Laphroaig 13 Year Old “Chieftain’s” KL Exclusive Single 1st Fill Sherry Butt Islay Single Malt Whisky (750ml) (Pre-Arrival) $149.99 View

The magical distillery on the south shore of Islay, like all south shore distillers, is quite unlike any other. But Laphroaig has a certain place in the hearts of the hardest core peat lovers. They’re the last distiller down there to malt a portion of their barley on site. Their complex system of tiny stills create the most peculiar and enticing peated spirit in the world. The quality and consistency of their casks is second to none. But over the last decade, what was once a staple in the independent bottling repertoire has completely disappeared. Laphroaig is simply not selling casks any longer. And when we do find casks they’re usually in very inactive hogsheads and declassified to their trade name, “Williamson.” Now that’s not a huge problem because Laphroaig always tastes good, but bottlers can’t replace even those few casks the prices have gone absolutely bonkers. Signatory recently bottled a sister cask those we sold here just three years ago for $200, Laphroaig from the Fall of 1997, for $700. And by god those bottles sell. But a beautiful butt for a not completely abhorrent price, we jumped all over it. Thank the Lord of the Isles that we did, as it’s a complete and utter masterpiece. Some purists askew the idea of Laphroaig in active sherry, but much of the experience is limited to low proof distillery bottlings and finishes. It’s truly a stupendous find and going to be one of those casks that people remember for years to come. Collectors and drinkers alike take note.

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Step Into Winter with New Smokey Virgin Single Malt Whisky – English Whisky News

Step Into Winter with New Smokey Virgin Single Malt Whisky

The English Whisky Co. is excited to launch its new whisky, Smokey Virgin, a beautifully-balanced and rich Single Malt Whisky that’s perfect for the winter months.

The new Smokey Virgin offers a rich fruitiness given by the virgin cask, along with the wafts of wood fire to give a delightful taste. It’s the perfect tipple to enjoy by the fireside this coming season.

Expect aromas of wood fires, hints of dates and caramel and a lovely rich and oily long finish.

“This whisky has fast become one of my favourites that we currently produce,” says Andrew Nelstrop, MD at The English Whisky Co. “It’s a delicious, balanced and rich single malt that is so moorish that it’s hard to put down!”

The Norfolk-based distillery has produced 2652 bottles of Smokey Virgin, with a 46% ABV.

A family-owned and run business, The English Whisky Co. was the founder of English whisky when it opened its doors 13 years ago. As the industry leader it uses locally sourced ingredients to produces the finest English Single Malt at its distillery in Norfolk.

The new Smokey Virgin is available to order online from, RRP £51.99.

For images, samples or interviews contact Nikki Whiteford on 07733 261843 or email

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