Knob Creek® Bourbon Takes to the Air Waves With First-Ever Television Ad – American Whiskey News

Knob Creek® Bourbon Takes to the Air Waves With First-Ever Television Ad

Clermont, KY (April 21, 2014) – Knob Creek® Bourbon, the World’s #1 Selling Super Premium Bourbon, debuts its first-ever television commercial today. The new advertisement, which will air nationally throughout the year, highlights the big, full flavor of Knob Creek, as well as the brand’s long-time dedication to crafting quality, pre-prohibition bourbon. The campaign, titled “Bookerisms,” features the brand’s creator and original steward, Booker Noe, a charismatic sixth-generation master distiller who represented the authenticity and craftsmanship of Knob Creek. Noe was integral in the world of bourbon, having pioneered The Small Batch Bourbon Collection®.

The Knob Creek® portfolio, which in addition to their original Bourbon also features Knob Creek® Rye, Knob Creek® Single Barrel Reserve and the new Knob Creek® Smoked Maple, has grown 20 percent in the past year, outpacing the overall bourbon category which has seen a 14 percent increase in the same period*. Riding this strong momentum, Knob Creek aims to reach new consumers and current fans through its television commercial while deploying a 300 percent increase in media investment.

“While super premium bourbons have become more popular in recent years, Knob Creek has always been the category leader – even without the use of television advertising,” said Rob Nelson, Senior Brand Manager of Small Batch Bourbons at Beam Inc. “As we continue to grow this authentic, legendary bourbon brand, we’ve decided the time is right to take things up a notch and allow Knob Creek to reach new audiences on TV.”  

The new advertisement, part of a broader brand campaign that also spans digital media and retail activation, takes on a non-traditional, animated format and focuses on the product’s age, flavor, trusted quality and true bourbon heritage, highlighting a memorable quote from Noe: “If you’re not completely satisfied with the big, full flavor of our bourbon, just send back the unused portion and we’ll drink it for you.”

“More than 20 years ago, dad set out to distill a pre-prohibition style bourbon with big, full flavor, not knowing it would become the World’s #1 Selling Super Premium Bourbon,” said Fred Noe, seventh-generation Beam Master Distiller, 2013 Bourbon Hall of Fame Inductee and Booker Noe’s son. “He would be proud to see the growth of his brand and watch his words inspire TV viewers as they’ve done for bourbon drinkers for decades.” 

Knob Creek worked with Chicago-based marketing and advertising agency Walton Isaacson to develop the concept and bi-coastal digital production and creative design studio Brand New School to bring the advertisement to life.

Knob Creek’s first-ever television advertisement premieres nationally on television networks such as AMC, FX, TBS and NBC Sports, as well as digitally on the AOL, Microsoft, Scripps and NBC family of websites. For more information on Knob Creek, visit: or or follow @knobcreek.

About Knob Creek® Bourbon

Knob Creek has been handcrafting extraordinary full flavored bourbon with intriguing taste and bottled in unique flask shaped packaging for over 20 years, which has helped make it the #1 selling Super Premium bourbon in the world. Aged for a full 9 years in new, charred American Oak barrels and bottled at an honest 100 proof, Knob Creek upholds the standard for what great bourbon ought to be with its big, full signature flavor. Launched in early 1992, at a time when the terms “craft” and “super premium” bourbon didn’t exist, Knob Creek is named after the small town in Kentucky where President Abraham Lincoln was born.  In recent years, Knob Creek has expanded its portfolio releasing Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve (120 proof / 60% alcohol by volume) in 2011, Knob Creek Rye (100 proof / 50% alcohol by volume) in 2012 and Knob Creek Smoked Maple (90 proof / 45% alcohol by volume) in 2013. For more information on Knob Creek, visit  

About Beam Inc.

As one of the world’s leading premium spirits companies, Beam is Crafting the Spirits that Stir the World.  Consumers from all corners of the globe call for the company’s brands, including Jim Beam Bourbon, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Sauza Tequila, Pinnacle Vodka, Canadian Club Whisky, Courvoisier Cognac, Teacher’s Scotch Whisky, Skinnygirl Cocktails, Cruzan Rum, Hornitos Tequila, Knob Creek Bourbon, Laphroaig Scotch Whisky, Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, Larios Gin, Whisky DYC and DeKuyper Cordials.  Beam is focused on delivering superior performance with its unique combination of scale with agility and a strategy of Creating Famous Brands, Building Winning Markets and Fueling Our Growth. Beam and its 3,200 passionate associates worldwide generated 2013 sales of $2.55 billion (excluding excise taxes), volume of 37 million 9-liter equivalent cases and some of the industry’s fastest growing innovations. 

Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, Beam is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BEAM and is included in the SP 500 Index and the MSCI World Index.  For more information on Beam, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility, please visit and

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Boston Whisky Cruise, May 14, 2014 – Scotch Whisky News



Sets Sail Soon.

Whisky Tasting and Dinner Cruise
Aboard The Spirit of Boston
May 14th, 2014 7:00-9:30 PM

The Whisky Guild will return for this special annual event. Less than two weeks from today, we’ll embark upon a spectacular harbor cruise with a great selection of whiskies available to taste – and a buffet dinner. This is one of the best events to come to Boston and a night you won’t want to miss. It promotes whisky, yet in my eyes this is an event for consumers – novice to aficionado – to not only taste and talk about malts, but to engage with ambassadors, distillers, blenders, and distillery managers. They attend not just to promote their wares, but to get the chance to hear what you are looking for. They take the input you give them very seriously, so speak up, ask questions, and get your money’s worth.

VIP access gives an extra hour to sample the offerings and more of them beginning at 6 PM. This was a great time in the past and one we’ve been anxiously anticipating all year. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to sample from more than 100 rare and exclusive whiskies, poured by distillery managers, Ambassadors and master blenders from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and Japan.

We’re extremely grateful to Whisky Guild for bringing this superlative event with a broad range of whiskies to our neighborhood. We believe that our customers in particular will appreciate and enjoy this unique event. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be out on the water, sipping scotch, and enjoying a cigar (smoke ‘em if you got ‘em) on the deck of a luxury cruiser. Did you miss Whiskyfest Chicago? Whisky-Live New York? No worries, you have this- every bit as good, no, better: you’re out on the harbor.

VIP Boarding Time: 6:00pm
Boarding Time: 7:00pm
Sail Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Regular Ticket Price $115
VIP Ticket Price $145 (Board At 6:00pm)
Price includes Whisky, Dinner Whisky Tasting Glass

You may view the buffet dinner menu
as well as purchase tickets directly from The Whisky Guild at:
Federal customers will receive a 20% discount with the code: federal

The boat leaves from 200 Seaport Boulevard at 7:30, please bring a valid ID.

Whisky Magazine named Federal Wine Spirits
2012 National ‘Retailer of the Year’

Whisky Magazine is based in the UK, but is the international journal of record for scotch whisky in the world.

Joe Howell

Federal Wine Spirits


Phone: 617-367-8605


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Daft Mill Distillery – interview with Francis Cuthbert, by Paul McLean – Scotch Whisky News

AA Daftmill 3

Daft Mill Distillery – interview with Francis Cuthbert, by Paul McLean 

AA Daftmill 4

Q; The Cuthbert family have grown malting barley for the whisky industry in the Howe of Fife for six generations. WHO does what for the whisky production? And when do you do it? A; We operate on a seasonal basis, during spring we are busy on the farm. We start distilling in early June till Early August when we stop for Harvest. Distilling resumes in Nov through to Feb. I do most of the distilling myself, sometimes we have a summer student. 

Q; WHEN do you work on the farm? And what do you grow/stock? A; We grow Barley of course, potatoes, carrot, broccoli and grass on the farm. We have a herd of beef cattle. 

Q; I HAVE FARMERS IN MY FAMILY in Ireland, I know how time consuming it is, what made you think of building a distillery? A; Our plan is to add value to the barley we grow 

Q; WHEN did you get the license? A; 2003 we applied for planning permission to turn the old mill buildings, which date back to Napoleonic times, into a distillery. The license to distil was granted by Her Majesty’s Revenue Customs on St Andrews Day 2005 and the first whisky was produced on 16th December 2005, making Daftmill the newest distillery to open in Scotland at that time. 

Q; Who built the distillery? A; We tried to ensure that the project was an entirely local affair and were keen to see that all the work was carried out, where possible, by people living close by to the farm. Apart from the copper stills, which were made in Rothes, we ensured all the work has been carried out by people within a five mile radius of the farm. We use local tradesmen who have worked for us in the past so we knew the quality of work they did. The local Joiner, roofer, stone maison, steel fabricator, electrician, welder, painter ect all did a great job for us. 

Q; WHAT style of whisky are you distilling? A; The whisky produced is not only made from malting barley grown on the farm, but is also made using water from Daftmill’s own natural spring. Our aim is to produce a classic light fruity floral lowland style of malt. In addition, nothing is wasted in the distilling process as spent grains, “draff”, is fed to cattle on the farm, effluent produced is used as a fertiliser and hot water is pumped into the farm’s duck pond, which ensures that the surface does not freeze over during the winter. 

Q; unpeated V peated, do you have any preferences for your own brands? A; All our whisky so far is made from unpeated malt. 

Q; WHY the “daft” name? A; Because of the local topography the stream appears to run uphill! So local people called this backward-running burn the “Daft” Burn. Inevitably, the mill that it powered became known as “Daft Mill”. 

Q; WHEN do you think the first bottle will be sold? A; Scotch whisky has to be at least three years old before it can be sold. At Daftmill we anticipate that our whisky will be at least 10 years old before coming to market. We use bourbon casks from Heavenhill Distillery in Kentucky 

Q; WHAT is the annual total litres distilled? A; it can vary from year to year but we aim to do about 20,000 litres a year 

Q: DO YOU have any idea what a bottle will cost?  A; not yet 

Q; do you have any “special” whisky coming soon?  A; It will all be special! 

Q; any major plans/announcements coming soon? A; Not that I know of. 

AA Daftmill 2 

Paul McLean; 

Depending on your dates and numbers in party, we can take you here for a tour with Francis.

Along with tours to many other Scottish and Irish distilleries – whisky tastings, whisky dinners and whisky schools – all bespoke.

AA Daftmill 1

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The Whisky Exchange “New Chichibu and the final card – Hanyu The Joker” – Japanese Whisky News


New Chichibu and the final card – Hanyu The Joker

Ichiro Akuto

Ichiro Akuto

Around two hours’ drive north-west of Tokyo, near the city of Saitama, is the largely mountainous town of Chichibu and the home of Chichibu distillery – Japan’s youngest. Although Ichiro Akuto only started planning this distillery in 2007, he and his family have a long tradition of producing alcohol and – more recently – whisky in Japan. The Akuto business dates some 400 years, when they started making sake in the Chichibu area. In 1941, Ichiro’s grandfather set up a new headquarters in Hanyu city and gained a whisky-making licence in 1946. It wasn’t until the 1980s, however, that they started to make a serious attempt at making single malt whisky, and thus Hanyu was born.

At this point they were still making sake, and with single malt whisky much less in demand than blended, in 2000 he decided that it was best to stop distilling altogether. In 2004, Ichiro’s father sold the company to new owners who were not interested in making whisky. The stills and distilling equipment were destroyed and, had Ichiro not stepped in, the whisky – some of it 20 years old – would have been disposed of. Thankfully, he managed to retain all of these lovely casks and stored them in a warehouse.

A year on and he released his first bottles from these casks. As the Hanyu name now meant very little, seeing as it no longer owned the distillery, Ichiro decided to call his new range Ichiro’s Malt. The first release was a 1988 single malt of just 600 bottles, which took two years to sell out. When making this first bottling, Ichiro teamed up with a designer friend to create a label – his suggestion was a playing card, and Ichiro instantly fell in love with the idea. The initial design was well received, and Ichiro decided to make a further 53 whiskies, with this evening’s final Joker whisky being the 54th card in the series.

A few of the Hanyu Cards

A few of the Hanyu Cards

 Ichiro has picked up a lot of experience over the years through working not only for Suntory, but also a period at Karuizawa in 2006 and further year at Benriach in 2007. He then returned to Japan to the town of Chichibu, where his new distillery had finally been made, and in February 2008, he started distilling. Production is small in comparison to many other distilleries: he can only mill 400g of barley at one time, his mash tun is a mere 2,400 litres and his eight beautiful mizunara washbacks are just 3,000 litres. By comparison, Balvenie’s 10 washbacks are 50,000 litres each and Bowmore’s mash tun is 38,582 litres. He was also rather pleased with his two ‘small, short and straight’ spirit stills, both with a downward-pointing lyne arm.

Such is the attention to detail and precision of the running of Chichibu that Ichiro and his team travel to Scotland each year to make their own malt which is done the traditional way by floor malting. The malt is made in Scotland and the finished product sent to Japan. Barley is being grown near the distillery, however, and the company is in the process of making a floor malting, as well as using a Japanese variety of barley, which is machine malted, to make whisky, which is currently sitting in casks. Hopefully it’s not too long before we see this in a bottle.

But on to the whiskies!

Chichibu Floor Malted

Chichibu Floor Malted. 50.5% abv

Nose: Lovely and fruity, packed with red cherries, summer berries (red), quite light with some roasted cereal notes and a malted character. Dave Broom joined us for the evening to present the whiskies and he also picked up crème caramel and white chocolate.

Palate: Quite light in texture, red fruits coming through as with the nose, but with a floral lift to them. Although it starts light, this one develops in the mouth, gets chunkier and develops a lovely weight. Those toasted cereal notes are there also, with some granola thrown into the bowl. This time I can spot the white chocolate – or did Dave put that flavour in my mind? With water added, the chocolate character becomes much more prominent and takes over the fruit as the leading role.It becomes oilier, rounded and has a much better texture to it which feels a little more balanced.

Finish: A lovely finish that’s long lasting. There’s cereal, granola, pannacotta, and coffee going on but it remains gentle and comes through with a touch of sweetness.

Comment: This comes to life with water. Ichiro bottles his range at varying strengths, specific to each whisky. For me, this is a little too strong on its own, but with just a tiny drop of water it becomes soft, rounded and has that lovely cereal character with a subtle chocolate undertone.

Chichibu Port Pipe

Chichibu Port Pipe. 54.5% abv

This whisky starts its life in ex-bourbon casks and matures in them for two years before being transferred into portpipes for the final year.

Appearance: I don’t often comment on the colour or appearance of whiskies but I just had to mention this one. It has an onion-skin colour with a pink hue, almost reminiscent of Tavel rosé wine.

Nose: There’s a lovely spicy character to this one and the colour of the whisky comes through onto the nose. I’m getting pink flowers, cranberry, rhubarb, Turkish delight (rose), some gentle red fruits and lovely sweet spice.

Palate: Dried cranberry, raspberry, touch of tannins, lots of fruit, rose petals, floral, and slightly hot on the tongue. With water, raspberries begin to dominate. Still some tannins present and a herbal note lurking in the background. It’s gentle, soft, sweet and something like a red-apple-skin flavour going on.

Finish: Quite hot, but the fruit lingers much longer than the alcohol, bringing a sweet and spicy character.

Comment: Really fruity and fresh for a port finish. I often find these styles have a clawing, musty character which is nowhere to be seen in this one. It’s surprisingly like its colour, too – lots of pink and red fruits.

Chichibu Chibidaru

Chichibu Chibidaru. 53.5% abv

Time for a short lesson in Japanese. Chibi is Japanese for small, and daru means cask. Can you guess what’s unique about this one yet? It’s aged in a quarter cask. There is a small difference to this one however. To make these casks, they chop both sides off a traditional 225l barrel (leaving just the middle section) and put new ends on. The new barrels are small and dumpy like cigars in appearance and don’t have the sloping sides and small ends you would find on a traditional quarter cask. This technique actually came about by accident – as is often the way with many things whisky related. Ichiro didn’t have a cooperage nearby that could make quarter casks, and when some of his standard casks developed a leak, he chopped the ends off and put new ends on – hey presto, he had made his own quarter casks. The cask for this one is ex-bourbon but with new heads – which will be much larger than those on a traditional quarter cask.

Chichibu now has a cooperage on site, headed up by a 97-year-old cooper who previously owned the (now closed) local cooperage before retiring. He now comes to the distillery to train new coopers, although sometimes he doesn’t show up for work if it’s quite hot. Or if it’s raining…

Nose: Lots of caramel, toffee, stone and orchard fruits, notably nectarines and ripe peach, roses and some scented Japanese spices in the background along with marzipan.

Palate: Toffee, caramel, slightly sweet, lovely creamy texture, bold and quite rich, very forward, ripe Braeburn apples, nectarine, ripe peach, coconut, strawberry bootlaces, wild thick-set honey, menthol.

Finish: Caramel, sweetness, peach, creamy and that menthol note comes out a bit more.

Comment: Seriously rich, sweet and fruity. There’s a lovely thick-set honey flavour on the palate and a light lift on the finish.

Chichibu On The Way

Chichibu On The Way. 58.5% abv

I like the name of this one. Ichiro starting distilling whisky at Chichibu in 2008 and On The Way was bottled in 2013 containing a portion of his oldest, five-year-old whisky, along with other barrels distilled between 2008 and 2010. In essence, Chichibu is on its way to bottling a straight five year old, but it’s not quite there yet. Each individual cask that goes into this, much of it his Floor Malted, starts its life in an ex-bourbon cask before spending a final year in mizunara wood.

Nose: Beautiful. Sweet spice, mint, cut grass, green, herbal, fennel, anise, floral, less fruity than the others, but there is some pear or apple maybe in there.

Palate: Sweet, oily, thick and spicy. Lots of exotic fruits such as papaya, mango, lychee and guava, full of heat and that herbal note is back. With water this remains rich but becomes creamier and an incense flavour comes into play and pushes the tropical fruits into the background. It’s not strong incense, however, it’s more akin to standing near a Buddhist temple; you know that somewhere nearby there is incense burning, but it’s softer and less pungent.

Finish: Sweet spice, incense, temples and a firm grip with some tannin.

Comment: The use of mizunara really brings this one out. Without water, it’s bold and full of tropical fruit, but just a tiny drop of water and the mizunara comes to play and that incense character shoots into the limelight.

Chichibu Peated

Chichibu Peated. 50.5% abv

Nose: I’m back on Islay, stood by the shore between two distilleries and there is a smoked-meat festival taking place behind me on top of the hill. Or, more simply, I’m getting peat, brine, salty sea air, smoked sausage, cut grass, a garden bonfire, wood smoke and smoked ham.

Palate: Smoked meats again – ham and sausage – green fruits, bonfire, ash, full of smoke, waxy and very big in the mouth. There’s a serious punch of heat coming through here which is intensified by the smoke.

Finish: Summer bonfires and smoked meats.

Comment: This is big and punchy. It feels a little less complex than the other whiskies, with just smoke and smoked meat coming through for me – but that certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. A great winter-evening dram.

Chichibu Peated 2013

Chichibu Peated Bottled 2013. 53.5%

Slightly paler than the previous peated whisky, Ichiro has increased the peating levels and abv for this bottling. For me, the difference is huge.

Nose: Full, clean, much more restrained and elegant than the older bottling. The smoke, brine, grassy notes are all still there but they seem much more integrated.

Palate: Elegant, creamy, well-balanced alcohol, vanilla, brine, white peach, apple, scented aromatic spices. Delicious.

Finish: Soft, delicate smoke and white fruits. I finished off my notes here with ‘divine’.

Comment: The difference between these two bottling is quite vast. He’s taken something that was good and taken it up several levels. It’s interesting to note that even with a higher level of alcohol and peating, there is much more restraint in this one and it’s balanced. All the flavour and power is there, but it approaches you slowly and woos you, it doesn’t need to do anything fancy, no chat-up lines required – it sits back and lets you fall in love with ease.

Hanyu The Joker

Ichiro’s Malt Card Series – Hanyu The Joker. 57.7%

So, here we are, the final card in the series: The Joker(s). For his final card, Ichiro has released two Jokers; the first, a vatting of 14 casks over six vintages of Hanyu from 1985, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1991 and 2000. The casks types for this are sherry butt, puncheon, hogshead, Cognac, chibidaru, Madeira hogshead and bourbon; 3,640 bottles of this were made. The second Joker has a monochrome label and much rarer – sadly we didn’t get to try this one, although this is not surprising given that this is just one cask from 1985 and only 241 bottles have been made.

Appearance: Dark caramel, copper/amber

Nose: Soft caramel, polished brass, fragrant wood, cedar, so much depth. It’s waxy, rich, concentrated, stewed dried prunes and dates, bitter orange peel (dried), pink peppercorns, old leather. Given a bit more time to open up in the glass, a floral note kicks in, with some rose petals and Turkish delight in the background.

Palate: Caramel, it starts quite soft, almost retrained, and slowly develops on your palate. There’s no big hit; it just slowly offers more and more over time. There’s ripe red and black fruits, blackberry, prune, fig, bitter orange peel, it’s rich but subtle. Grapefruit and dried citrus peel come forward after time.

Finish: Seriously long. It’s warm, with that bitter citrus peel backed with blackberry, fig, and a subtle woody note.

Comment: This doesn’t scream at you, it introduces itself and lets you get acquainted. It starts out slightly shy and opens up over time. Once you get to experience all that it has to offer, though, you won’t be upset. This has so much going on, and each time I revisited it, I was welcomed by a new aroma and taste, with each one was as delicious as the next.

As always, our thanks go out to Akuto-san and Dave Broom for hosting such a fantastic evening.

You can read more about Chichibu in Tim’s post from when he visited, and you can sign up to receive an email when the new Chichibus and the Joker are available on the following links: Chichibu On The Way, Chichibu Peated 2013 and Ichiro’s Malt – The Joker. They should be available by mid-May.

Originally published on The Whisky Exchange Blog – New Chichibu and the final card – Hanyu The Joker

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The Famous Feastival – 4 Weeks to Go – Scotch Whisky News


Four Weeks to Go until The Famous Feastival

Join us on Sunday 25th May for the ultimate celebration of food, whisky, chocolate and music at The Famous Grouse Experience in Crieff.

From Whisky Kiss to Whisky Baba, The Famous Feastival is a feast for all five senses.  

May is Whisky Month so why not learn about whisky (and chocolate!) in our exclusive Masterclasses, as well as a delicious array of public events, including chocolate and whisky tasting sessions, and don’t forget a tour of Scotland’s oldest working Distillery.

Tickets are now on sale and are proving popular with whisky lovers, chocoholics and foodies alike.

Buy Your Tickets Now

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 AA Kymah


Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe has unveiled the latest of its much-anticipated, limited edition Single Cask Editions – The Glenlivet Kymah. This exclusive edition is limited to 528 hand written and individually numbered bottles and is launching exclusively with Heinemann Duty Free at Frankfurt airport. The Glenlivet Kymah has been hand-selected by co-owner Claus Heinemann and will be the main focus of a The Glenlivet portfolio activation running across Frankfurt airport during May 2014. Also highlighted will be two other Travel Retail exclusive expressions from The Glenlivet – Master Distiller’s Reserve and the newly-launched, Nàdurra Oloroso.

Each expression in the Single Cask Editions range is non-chill filtered and offers a unique take on The Glenlivet’s flawless and complex character. Sourced from a single cask, each bottle is extremely limited and showcases The Glenlivet Distillery’s commitment to craft production.

The Glenlivet Kymah Single Cask Edition takes its name from the Kymah Burn, a tributary of the River Livet, which evokes the natural beauty of the celebrated Speyside region. It is a rare, limited edition whisky that has been aged in a single ex-sherry butt for 16 years, and is bottled at 60.1% ABV.

The striking brand spaces in the Heinemann shops at Frankfurt airport have been designed to mirror The Glenlivet’s contemporary style. As well as being introduced to the Guardians of The Glenlivet – the brand’s global community of consumers – travellers passing through Frankfurt B-East will be invited to relax and play a game of pool on a custom-built The Glenlivet table. Further visibility is achieved via multiple sampling points and wooden and glass product glorifiers reinforcing The Glenlivet’s story and handcrafted credentials, while highlighting its unique positioning as the single malt that started it all. In Frankfurt B-Schengen eye-catching sensory pods will bring The Glenlivet’s tasting notes to life, further encouraging consumers to interact with the brand.

Jessica Spence Senior Consumer and Digital Marketing Manager, Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe, comments “We are very passionate about our Single Cask Editions range; each whisky highlights the subtle, complex and elegant style synonymous with The Glenlivet. Kymah’s journey is unique as it began high on the slopes of Carn na Glascoill in the Ladder Hills. We are very happy to have been able to offer Heinemann Duty Free, one of our key customers, the opportunity to select such a rare expression. What makes this activation even more exciting is that it’s presented alongside two other Travel Retail exclusives from The Glenlivet. We really look forward to seeing travellers’ and whisky enthusiasts’ responses to such a highly prized expression.”

Claus Heinemann, co-owner of Gebr. Heinemann, said “We are delighted to have partnered with Pernod Ricard Travel Retail Europe in the creation of The Glenlivet Kymah Single Cask Edition. As a loyal fan of The Glenlivet myself, I was honoured to be invited to The Glenlivet Distillery in 2014 to hand-select the single cask in which The Glenlivet Kymah was matured. We are very excited to unveil this rare and exceptional whisky as a Heinemann exclusive in our Frankfurt stores.”

The Glenlivet Kymah Single Cask Edition 70cl bottle retails at 249€.


The Glenlivet Kymah Single Cask Edition

Beginning high on the slopes of Carn na Glascoill in the Ladder Hills near the Distillery, the Kymah Burn is one of the many tributaries of the River Livet which winds through the valley of Glenlivet; the valley of the smooth, flowing one.

The Glenlivet Kymah Single Cask Edition Non Chill-Filtered – 60.1% ABV – 16 Years Old

Tasting notes
Nose: A rich harmony of the syrupy, sweetness of moist, juicy raisin and toffee and the warm, subtle spice of ginger.
Palate: Beginning with a delightfully sweet, soft toffee that echoes the nose then rounding off to a medley of fruity orange marmalade, cinnamon and rich dark chocolate.
Finish: Long and sweet with a lingering, delicate spice.

The Glenlivet is the No. 2 single malt Scotch whisky in the world. Crafted in the remote Livet Valley since 1824, it is the only whisky with the unchallengeable right to be called The Glenlivet.

Chivas Brothers is the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard – the world’s co-leader in wine and spirits. Chivas Brothers is the global leader in luxury Scotch whisky and premium gin. Its portfolio includes Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s, Beefeater Gin, The Glenlivet, Royal Salute, Aberlour, Plymouth Gin, Longmorn, Scapa, 100 Pipers, Clan Campbell, Something Special and Passport.

For further information please visit

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Glenglassaugh 1972 (C&S Dram)

Andrea Caminneci, a German of Italian descent, started a wine spirits company in 2005 and became the importer of Glenglassaugh for Germany. As such, he managed to select and bottle many outstanding Glenglassaugh expressions, the 1972 cask #2896 for example.

His own series CS Dram contains a long list of single cask whiskies from different distilleries. Recently a sub-series CS Dram Exceptional was launched for special drams. It’s not surprising that the first release is a Glenglassaugh 1972.

We don’t know the cask number, but the whisky was distilled 22nd of December 1972, which is the same date as cask #2934 bottled by the distillery in a Rare Cask decanter in 2008.



Glenglassaugh 1972 CS Dram Exceptional 40 YearsGlenglassaugh 1972 CS Dram Exceptional 40 YearsGlenglassaugh 40 yo 1972 (43,1%, CS Dram Exceptional 2013, refill sherry butt, 300 btl.)

Nose: starts rather disappointingly on grains and muesli but opens up nicely. Mirabelles, green mango, lots of mandarins and lemons. A bit of floral honey and dried flowers. Candied ginger. Typical waxy notes as well: polished oak, pollen. It’s a mix of Caperdonich 1972 (though more floral) with a subdued hint of Clynelish. Mouth: half fruity, half oaky. Apricots, pineapples, oranges, sprinkled with honey but also with a more mineral waxy note. Together with a peppery kick this leaves a rather oaky impression. Almonds and vanilla cream. Subtle warmer sherry notes towards the end. Finish: decent length, with the fruits starting to fade and the oak spices growing stronger.

Maybe not a total stunner like #2896 but a very fine, typical waxy Glenglassaugh nonetheless. Still available in Germany for around € 385.

Score: 90/100

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Silent Distillery Profile; Dallas Dhu (Dallas Doo) – Scotch Whisky History


Silent Distillery Profile; Dallas Dhu (Dallas Doo) 

by Lawrence Graham

Operational: 1899, silent from 1929-36 and from 1939-47

Closed: 1983 and the last cask filled on March 16th, October 1983

Region: Speyside (Findhorn)

Last Operational Owner: Scottish Malt Distillers, a subsidiary of the Distillers Company Limited (DCL).

Current Owner: Historic Scotland

Address: Mannachie Road, Forres, Morayshire, IV36 2RR 

The original meaning of the name “Dai leas dubh” means “Field by the Black Water fall” or “BlackWaterValley”, although some accounts list the Gaelic name as “Dalais Dubh”. William de Ripley (1165-1215) was given lands on Dallas, Scotland by King William the Lion. The distillery was briefly known as “Dallasmore” and the distillery was for a time served by the now defunct Forres to Avimore rail line. In it’s time the output from the Dunnage warehouses contributed to the blends of Roderick Dhu and Benmore. 

The construction of the distillery was commenced in 1898 on the estate of Alexander Edward of Sanquhar who was a prominent Speyside distiller. Early on (sometime in 1898 or 99) Edward sold the rights to the distillery to the blending firm Wright Greig Ltd of Glasgow and the architect was the famed Charles Doig. 

In 1921 after one other owner (JP O’Brian Co) the distillery was sold to Benmore Distillers Ltd, an English consortium who also owned Benmore and Lochhead distilleries in Campbeltown and Lochindaal distillery on Islay and in 1929 DCL took over Benmore Distillers. 

On April 9th, 1939 a fire destroyed the still house and much of the equipment however later in 1939 the still house was rebuilt. The distillery was extended in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Electricity did not reach Dallas Dhu until the 1950’s and the water wheel still contributed to the power pool into the 1970’s. 

At the same time in 1983 that Dallas Dhu was closed by the Distillers Company Limited, they also closed Banff, Brora, Glen Albyn, Glen Mhor, Knockdhu, NorthPort and St. Magdalene. 

Dallas Dhu has been operated as a non working distillery museum by Historic Scotland since 1988 and also includes a shop, picnic area and refreshments. The tour is in the self guided audio-visual style and full details including open times can seen at . 

The water source for the distillery was the Altyre Burn which is known locally as the Scourie Burn. 

Sadly, the license to distill was returned in 1992 however visitors comment that the distillery looks like it could start production anytime as all the plant and equipment are in place. 

Sources; Scotch Missed by Brian Townsend, The Scottish Whisky Distilleries by Misako Udo, The Scotch Whisky Industry Record by Charles Craig, The Whisky Trails by Brian Townsend and our very own Charles Mclean writing in the Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guide “Scotch Whisky”. 

Dallas Dhu Historic Scotland

Dallas Dhu Historic Scotland

This article was originally published on the Malt Maniacs and is reprinted here with permission of the author.

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Top Picks, Back in Stock & New Arrivals at K&L California – Whisky News



  • George Dickel KL Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel 04L430 N55-3-2 Tennessee Whiskey 750ml (ships as 1.5L) ($44.99)
    (NOTE: This bottle will ship as a 1.5 L size bottle due to its size) Production methods really haven’t changed at George Dickel distillery since 1959, nor have the practices — they’ve been making old-fashioned Tennessee whiskey from corn the only way they know how. That’s why when Dickel announced they would begin doing a single barrel program with retailers we were amazed (and excited). Just like with Bourbon, corn is the main component for Tennessee whiskey and is important in particular because of Dickel’s 84% corn mashbill that results in a full-bodied, creamy sweetness that sets it apart from its Kentucky brethren. It also passes very slowly though charcoal after distillation, allowing it to pull out all the impurities they don’t want in the whiskey, resulting in a soft, mellow, and smooth spirit. But now imagine all that sweet corn richness from a single barrel at 103 proof! Barrel 04L430 N55-3-2 has a concentrated core of charred o ak, caramel corn, and big spice. The palate explodes and the high proof balances out the richness perfectly. It’s a match made in heaven. (David Driscoll, KL Spirits Buyer)
  • George Dickel KL Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel 3L29 G78-5-8 Tennessee Whiskey 750ml (ships as 1.5L) ($44.99)
    (NOTE: This bottle will ship as a 1.5 L size bottle due to its size) Production methods really haven’t changed at George Dickel distillery since 1959, nor have the practices — they’ve been making old-fashioned Tennessee whiskey from corn the only way they know how. That’s why when Dickel announced they would begin doing a single barrel program with retailers we were amazed (and excited). Just like with Bourbon, corn is the main component for Tennessee whiskey and is important in particular because of Dickel’s 84% corn mashbill that results in a full-bodied, creamy sweetness that sets it apart from its Kentucky brethren. It also passes very slowly though charcoal after distillation, allowing it to pull out all the impurities they don’t want in the whiskey, resulting in a soft, mellow, and smooth spirit. But now imagine all that sweet corn richness from a single barrel at 103 proof! Barrel 3L29 G78-5-8 has lots of wood tannin and dark oak g oodness, but a bit of burnt sugar and creme brulee on the backend. This is most nuanced of the bunch, but that’s not saying much. It still explodes at 51.5% ABV and still brings the sweet corny goodness, albeit in a more subdued manner. (David Driscoll, KL Spirits Buyer)


Scotland – Single Malt Scotch

  • Hazelburn 10 Year Old Rundlets Kilderkins Single Malt Whisky 750ml – 7 available ($115.99)

United States – Bourbon and Rye

  • George Dickel KL Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel 03L29 G78-2-26 Tennessee Whiskey 750ml (ships as 1.5L) ($44.99)
  • George Dickel KL Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel 04F29 L56-5-5 Tennessee Whiskey 750ml (ships as 1.5L) ($44.99)
  • George Dickel KL Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel 04F29 L56-6-20 Tennessee Whiskey 750ml (ships as 1.5L) ($44.99)
  • George Dickel KL Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel 04L28 N54-3-6 Tennessee Whiskey 750ml (ships as 1.5L) ($44.99)


Blended Scotch

  • Buchanan’s 12 year Scotch Whisky 750ml ($39.99)

Single Malt Indian Whisky

  • Amrut “Fusion” Indian Single Malt Whiskey 750ml ($64.99)

Ireland – Irish and Blended Scotch

  • Green Spot Single Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey 750ml – 8 available ($44.99)

Scotland – Single Malt Scotch

  • Big Peat Islay Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky 750ml – 4 available ($55.99)
  • Hazelburn 12 year old Triple Distilled Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky 750ml (Elsewhere $100) – 5 available ($86.99)

United States – Bourbon and Rye

  • Ascendant Spirits Breaker Limited Edition Bourbon Whisky 750ml – 5 available ($44.99)
  • Knob Creek Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml ($39.99)
  • Roughstock Montana Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml – 5 available ($49.99)

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BenRiach Distillery


THE BenRiach Distillery Company is delighted to celebrate its tenth birthday today (April 29).

Back in 2004, Billy Walker and his two South African partners Geoff Bell and Wayne Kieswetter purchased BenRiach, turning it into one of Scotland’s most admired distilleries.

At the time, renowned whisky writer Jim Murray said: “It was with delight, while sworn to secrecy, that I witnessed BenRiach gaining its independence, when a team led by the experienced and infectiously enthusiastic Billy Walker acquired the Distillery. This independence will allow BenRiach to unlock its secrets and bring its fine and surprising malts officially to the market in their natural state for the first time. There cannot be a single true lover of whisky who will not rejoice because of it.”

Production was resumed almost immediately. On August 7 that year, the first bottling of BenRiach under the new company took place while on September 20 the first distillation under the new owners was filled to cask.

Four years later BenRiach acquired GlenDronach. Announcing the purchase, Billy Walker said: “We hope our acquisition of GlenDronach will intrigue, surprise and delight whisky connoisseurs around the world. GlenDronach is a bit of a sleeping giant and we look forward to breathing new life into it, giving it the attention and commitment it deserves.”

Two years later the company launched a five-line bottling plant in Newbridge before making its latest acquisition last year. Glenglassaugh, the renowned Highland single malt with its rich and distinguished heritage, was added to the expanding Highland and Speyside portfolio.

The firm currently employs 120 people across its four sites.

Over the ten years the three brands have won numerous prestigious awards including “Best International Business Award” in the 2005 Enterprising Scotland Awards and “Distillery of the Year” in the 2007 Malt Advocate Awards.

Most recently, BenRiach, GlenDronach and Glenglassaugh won five main awards and a total of twelve medals in the 2013 Malt Maniacs Awards following that up with 10 medals at last year’s International Wine and Spirits Competition, with all three brands scooping major awards.

Reflecting on the first highly successful decade, Billy Walker said: “We find ourselves in one of the golden periods of the industry. There’s unprecedented demand for high-end brands in places like Taiwan, Scandinavia, USA, China, India, Russia, the Middle East, South Africa and South America. For the future we’ll take time to allow our brands’ personalities to develop.”

He went on: “We are a privately owned, independent, creative, boutique business. We see each distillery as having ‘Grand Cru Chateau’ provenance. Our people are totally passionate. We recognise the privilege that we enjoy by owning three very historic distilleries and that we have the freedom to express the personalities of these distilleries in the marketplace. We’ll see where that journey takes us in the next ten years.”

To mark today’s exciting milestone, a special BenRiach 10-year old anniversary expression from the first distillation will be available later this year.

And, intriguingly, Billy hasn’t ruled out further acquisitions for the company.

“If something came up adding balance to the business, we’d consider it.”

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