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Springbank Society Newsletter:  December 2019 

“It’s Christmas time, mistletoe and wine

We are certainly in the Christmas at Springbank, singing carols and wearing brightly coloured Christmas jumpers. Before the team finishes up for 2019 we thought it was time to give our wonderful members an update on all things Springbank.

We have details of where our Sales Team will be travelling to in early 2020 and a round-up of news, letting you know what has been happening (and what we are planning for the future) at Springbank and Glengyle, in Campbeltown and beyond.

Distillery News

Autumn and winter sees production switch from Springbank up to Glengyle Distillery, with 12 weeks of production commencing on the 23rd of September and running through until we break up for Christmas on the 20th of December. With the 2 new siberian larch washbacks up and running, we have enjoyed a smooth production period at Glengyle producing Kilkerran, Kilkerran heavily peated and a couple of other ‘Kilkerriments’ you may be lucky enough to see in the future!

Malting continues into the winter period, only stopping to allow the barns to be used for the annual Christmas Market which was a great success again this year. As the temperature drops we need to make sure the floors are laid out a little deeper to allow heat to build up and maintain a nice even germination. The job of stoking the fire also becomes much more popular at this time of year!

The bottling hall team have been in full flow bottling for the busy Christmas period, working hard to make sure everyone around the world will get to enjoy our whisky.

Finally, we must that the Springbank family suffered a great tragedy this year with the untimely passing of one of our production team, Rory Edwards. Rory was a friendly, helpful and caring young man and his passing has left a big hole in the company and community alike.

We will all miss him terribly.

Sales Team Events

Firstly, everyone in the Sales team would like to wish our members Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have all enjoyed running into our society members over the last few months at shows around the world and look forward to more encounters in 2020.

In October we welcomed a new addition to the Springbank and Kilkerran sales team, Nicole Lindsay. Nicole was born and raised on and has worked in the industry for over four years as a visitor centre manager at Kilchoman. She is excited for her new challenge in the Springbank sales team and, of course, for the city life Campbeltown has to offer.

Once again we have been travelling far and wide to share the story of Springbank and Kilkerran;  Grant has been clocking up his car mileage driving around the UK to show off Kilkerran at many, many whisky shows, Melanie enjoyed her trip to Canada once she wrestled security for an American visa to get her connecting flight, David ventured to Israel to check out our new market for Kilkerran while Cara successfully made it through her first 6 months with no travel mishaps.


13th – 20th: Melanie will be jetting off to Canada, showcasing Springbank and Kilkerran at Edmonton MS, Calgary MS and Victoria Whisky Festival.

15th – 18th: Cara will be starting off her year in Amsterdam with a couple of Kilkerran whisky tastings before joining in the fun at LB Whisky weekend.


13th – 15th: Cara will be spending Valentine’s Day on Sweden’s Cinderella cruise with her one true love, Springbank.

17th – 23rd: Nicole will be visiting the Czech Republic for a Springbank tasting tour.


1st – 15th: David and Ranald will be setting off to Australia for some Springbank tastings followed by a visit to New Zealand for Dram Fest 2020 on the 7-8th March.

7th: Grant and Cara will be attending Fife Whisky festival with both Kilkerran and Springbank.

13th – 14th: Cara will be setting off to Norway to join the fun at Trondheim Whisky Festival with some Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn.

24th – 25th: Cara will be hosting a two day Kilkerran tasting tour in Switzerland.

26th: David will be in Glasgow for the evening hosting a Springbank tasting at the Clydeside Distillery.

26th – 28th: Grant and Cara will be presenting both Springbank and Kilkerran at Whiskyschiff in Luzern.


TBC: David will be spending time in America this year for both Kilkerran and Springbank. Details will be confirmed nearer the time.

21st – 24th: Cara will be returning to Belgium in the new year but with Springbank this time for a few days tasting tour.

23rd: Grant is heading to London for a Springbank tasting at Jeroboams.

Events taking place further in the future will be included in the next Quarterly Newsletter and, please remember, the Events Section of the Springbank Website is updated whenever we have new information to share with you all.

Springbank Website – Events Page

New Releases

As we approach the New Year we have some exciting new releases to keep you hydrated until the Campbeltown Malts Festival in May 2020.

January/February 2020 

Springbank 12yo cask strength

The next addition of our 12yo cask strength series will soon be available.  This batch will again depart from the usual sherry dominant maturation recipe, with a greater bourbon influence.

Springbank 25yo 

The casks for our next Springbank 25yo release have been selected and will be bottled in early 2020.

Longrow Red 

Our next expression of Longrow red is also due to be released. This time our casks have been sourced from Mont Gras’ Intriga Estate in Alto Maipo, Chile.

There will also be new editions of Springbank 21, Longrow 18, Hazelburn sherry wood and Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch 3 later in the year. Look out for Society alerts and social media updates for more information on when these will be available.

We are certain you will all be anticipating the release of our next society bottling in early 2020 and can assure you that the chosen Hazelburn 11yo matured in re-charred bourbon casks is worth the wait.

Society Online

The new online Society platform will be launched in early January, improving the way members purchase bottles. The process of purchasing bottles will be simpler and more efficient than before, meaning you will have less time to wait from ordering your bottle to opening it!  Please look out for a society email in early January with instructions of how to sign up to the new platform. You will need to do this before you can buy the new society bottle.

Social Media

You can follow Springbank on Social Media:

Facebook – Official Springbank Whisky

Twitter – @Springbank1828

Instagram- springbank1828

You can follow Kilkerran Malt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

Festive Opening Hours

Please see below the opening hours of the Springbank office, along with our distillery shop and Campbeltown Cadenhead’s shop.

Springbank Office

The Springbank Offices will close on Friday 20th December 2019 (12 noon) and re-open in the new year on Monday 6th January 2020 (9am).

Springbank Distillery Shop

Friday 20th December 2019: 9am – 12 noon
Saturday 21st December 2019: 9am – 5pm
Sunday 22nd December 2019: Closed
Monday 23rd December 2019: 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 24th December 2019: 11am – 4pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: Closed
Friday 27th December 2019: 11am – 4pm
Saturday 28th December 2019: 11am – 4pm
Sunday 29th December 2019: Closed
Monday 30th December 2019: 11am – 4pm
Tuesday 31st December 2019: 11am – 4pm

Campbeltown Cadenhead’s Shop

Friday 20th December 2019: 9am – 12 noon
Saturday 21st December 2019: 11am – 6pm
Sunday 22nd December 2019: Closed
Monday 23rd December 2019: 10am – 6pm
Tuesday 24th December 2019: 11am – 4pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: Closed
Friday 27th December 2019: 11am – 4pm
Saturday 28th December 2019: 11am – 4pm
Sunday 29th December 2019: Closed
Monday 30th December 2019: 11am – 4pm
Tuesday 31st December 2019: 11am – 4pm

Both shops are then closed from 1st January 2020 until Monday 6th January 2020, when normal opening hours resume.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


The Springbank Team

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