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AA SMWS Living Dram


As winter darkness falls, the undead are stirring in crypts across the land. A howl tells you the Ham Gobblin’ Ghoul is nearly upon you. Run through a fluttering cloud of Butterflies, bats and spiders and find a darkened room to hide in. “Safe” you think, but A whispering dram warns you: this is where a Tired vampire gets a massage…

Supernaturally spicy dry

Ham Gobblin’ Ghoul


23 years old, refill ex-bourbon hogshead


Tired vampire gets a massage


22 years old, second fill ex-bourbon hogshead

Scarily sweet, fruity mellow


Butterflies, bats and spiders


23 years old, refill ex-bourbon hogshead


A whispering dram


23 years old, refill ex-bourbon hogshead

Gory, oak vanilla


Flying saucers and foamy shrimps (Grain Whisky)


34 years old, refill ex-bourbon hogshead


The rumbling thunder of contentment


37 years old, refill ex-bourbon hogshead

Paranormally peated


Galleon attacked by (ghostly?) pirates


34 years old, refill ex-sherry butt

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