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EDINBURGH — Thursday 29 November 2018 – Scottish specialists Cask 88 have introduced a highly limited edition series of four innovative whiskies matured in smaller sized casks to their award-winning range of independent bottlings.

Having recently picked up two gold awards at the International Wine Competition for the first release in their Scottish Folklore inspired whisky series, Edinburgh based Scottish whisky broker and independent bottler Cask 88 have unveiled their second series of Scottish cask whiskies, all finished in quarter casks to produce liquid with a more robust flavour profile. The Eighty Eight Series features small batch expressions from Bunnahabhain, Highland Park, Caol Ila and Bladnoch, and offers whisky enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the impact of cask size on the maturation of the whisky.

The first release in the Cask 88 Eighty Eight Series presents four limited edition whiskies from leading Scottish distilleries. A Bladnoch 27 Year Old (55.6% ABV; 70cl; £439/US$569.99) distilled 10.07.90, the oldest whisky in the series, was originally held in an ex-sherry Hogshead before being finished in an ex-sherry quarter cask for 9 months. A Caol Ila 9 Year Old (58.9% ABV; 70cl; £189/US$239.99) distilled 12.06.08, was originally held in a refill Hogshead before being finished in an ex-sherry quarter cask for 9 months. A Bunnahabhain 9 Year Old (57.8% ABV; 70cl; £119/US$239.99) distilled 10.06.08 was originally matured in a refill ex-sherry butt before being finished in an ex-sherry quarter cask for 3 months. A Highland Park 14 Year Old (54.8% ABV; 70cl; £189/US$154.99) distilled 08.05.03 was originally held in an ex-bourbon Hogshead before being finished in an ex-sherry quarter cask for 7 months.

Quarter casks, at one eighth of the size of a standard cask to hold whisky, are capable of holding approximately 50 litres of whisky each. Each quarter cask yields 88 bottles of whisky. “The smaller cask size maximises the contact between the spirit and the wood, theoretically producing a whisky with a stronger, more complex flavour,” said APAC Sales Director Patrick Costello. “Whereas the wider industry favours larger casks to produce whisky on scale, we wanted to select something a little different, and focus on producing small batch whiskies that excite the senses.”

The Eighty Eight Series is the second release of Scottish whisky independently bottled under the Cask 88 brand. The first bottling under the Cask 88 brand, a 45 Year Old Ben Nevis 1972 Single from the Cask 88 Scottish Folklore series, with a design inspired by the Scottish legend of the Cù-Sìth, earned two Gold Awards at the 2018 International Wine Spirit Competition: for in the 30 – 45 year old category, and for Spirits Packaging.

“We have high hopes for the Eighty Eight Series, in part because the number holds great significance for the business and our partners and clients in China, where we have an office and sales team,” said Patrick Costello. “The number 88 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture, bringing good fortune and prosperity.”

All four whiskies in The Eighty Eight Series will be available from Whisky Foundation for worldwide delivery and from Cask 88 Sales Directors – Be in touch through the Cask 88 website to order.


About Cask 88

Founded in 2007, Cask 88 is now internationally recognised among the world’s foremost experts in rare and antique whisky. Services include cask procurement, cask storage, bespoke bottle design and sourcing antique releases. What started as a small, family-owned business has become a globally recognised brand for high-end whisky. Today, Cask 88 serve clients around the globe from six international locations in Scotland, Singapore, Japan, China, Macau and the Philippines. An extensive inventory and expansive global network provide an unparalleled selection of fine whiskies, which attracts a wide clientele from Asia to North America. Cask 88 believes that buying vintage whisky should be fun and offers clients the opportunity to select, purchase, label and package their own exclusive whisky drawn from the finest Scotch casks.


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