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Jos. A. Magnus Co. (12 Year Old) “Joseph Magnus” Barrel #28/69 KL Exclusive Barrel Cask Strength Indiana Straight Bourbon (750ml)

$79.99 SKU #1390448

As the craft boom continues to spread across the country, we’re seeing more and more distillers begin to offer up single casks. Often that means we’re looking at something young or innovative. Maybe some kind of barrel finishes or unusual mash bills designed to enhance the young whiskey prowess. Sometimes this works, other times it just doesn’t. But a few smart distillers got in early enough to have secured some decent stocks of older whiskey from larger distillers. The three obvious culprits are Willett, High West and Smooth Ambler. Each have made a name blending and bottling stocks from other distillers while their own production matures. Another outfit has come online recently that’s becoming a darling of the drinking cognoscenti. The Joseph Magnus has been making waves recently with their hard-to-get blends of bourbons from multiple distilleries, usually finished in various wine casks. When they offered to sell us a single cask, I was concerned as it’s difficult to gauge how the wine finishes are going to turn out. But, I had it all wrong. These guys were willing to bottle single casks of old whiskey from MGP at full strength without any bells or whistles. We’ve seen these very whiskies explode on the after-market and I was downright shocked that they’d be ready to part with the old stock. Easily one of the most exciting new offerings of the year and a throwback to a time when well-aged bourbon was taken for granted. Only 120 bottles in this old cask.

Wathen’s Barrel Proof “Barrell #69 San Francisco” KL Exclusive Cask Strength Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon (750ml)

$99.99 SKU #1394930

The exceptional Wathen’s Barrel Proof is finally back, this time in a slightly stronger form. The 2017 offering was drawn from a small batch of just 25 barrels that had been filled at lower than normal proof. This years is filled at the Wathen’s traditional entry proof of 117 proof and was offered to just a handful of accounts across the country. We’re great fans and friends with the wonderful Medley family and we’re grateful to receive a barrel in each of the NorCal and SoCal markets. Last year’s barrels sold out instantly and the flavor profile on those was pretty darn wacky. The lower entry proof offers a completely different maturation experience. These two casks will provide a much more classic bourbon experience than last year’s offering, but still exhibits some very unique and exceptionally complexity. The Medley’s have one of the most interesting and unusual whisky productions in Kentucky. They’re contractually obligated to obfuscate the source of this bourbon, but since Charles takes over completely for their distillation period it doesn’t matter as much as most non- producers. He’s had decades of experience distilling and has very strong opinions about what makes great bourbon. If you’ve ever tried any of the old National Distillers stuff out of Owensboro, these Barrel Proofs are the closest modern parallel. We feel truly honored to be selected as one of the very few stores in the country who will be selling these wonderful casks.

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