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As you may know, the shutdown of the US government also has consequences for the industry. The Tax Trade Bureau is not accepting submissions of new alcohol labels, which means no new whiskies can be approved for sale in the US. As their COLAs listing is an interesting sources for upcoming releases, we now have little to announce…


Ardmore 30 Year Old

Ardmore 30 Year Old

Ardmore has bottled a 1987 vintage 30 Year Old exclusively available from The Whisky Exchange. Matured in refill barrels and then finished in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels, it is said to have lots of fruity notes alongside the smoke.

The reasonable price makes this an attractive offer. Check The Whisky Exchange if you’re interested.



Suntory Ao - World Whisky

Suntory Ao - World Whisky

Suntory Ao is a blended whisky made with from five countries: Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada and Japan. Beam Suntory obviously owns Suntory but also Yamazaki, Bowmore, Laphroaig, Kilbeggan and Cooley, among others.

As you may know, a lot of whiskies marketed as ‘Japanese’ are already blended with spirit from Scotland or Canada – a creative solution for the general shortage of true Japanese whisky. Regulations in Japan are quite flexible, and as long as the spirit passes through Japan at some point, it can be sold as Japanese whisky. Let’s hope this Suntory Ao is a step towards more transparency for the entire Japanese industry.



Royal Lochnagar 30 Years

Royal Lochnagar 30 Years

A cask of Royal Lochnagar was gifted to Prince Charles to mark the 140th anniversary of the first royal visit to this by Queen Victoria. Recently in November, the Prince turned 70 and and requested the contents to be bottled, with proceeds being donated to his own charity foundation.

Cask number #1129 (refill American oak) yielded 206 bottles and 186 of these will be sold via ballot through The Whisky Exchange.

Enter here to get a chance to grab a bottle



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