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Mora’s Fine Wine Tasting for World Day, May 17 

Come 30 whiskies from around the globe and celebrate World Whisky Day with Mora’s Fine Wine Spirits at Country Corner from 6-9pm on Saturday, May 17! 

$30 per person


**only a few spots left, ticket purchase required** 

Ticket purchase includes sampling of 30 fine whiskies, Whisky friendly snacks, complementary Glencairn tasting glass, door prizes for lucky winners. 

Some of our Featured Distillers: (check for updates!)

Amrut, Balcones, Benriach, Benromach, Breckenridge, Brenne, Corsair, FEW Spirits, Garrison Brothers, Glendronach, Glenrothes, Highland Park, Isle of Arran, Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Kilchoman, Koval, Laphroaig, New Holland, Nikka, Smooth Ambler, Tamdhu, Town Branch 

About World Whisky Day: Now you may be thinking ‘isn’t every day a whisky day?’. Well kind of, however, World Whisky Day is about celebrating whisky/whiskey and about giving whisky global stage and global media attention for not just a day but for a considerable amount of time around this date. The purpose of this is to introduce whisky to people who have never tried it before and for those that already enjoy whisky to have something special. 

Mora’s Fine Wine Spirits



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