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Dear maltstockees!

Time to drop some names of relaxed people who will be at Maltstock 2019! People you can meet and have a relaxed dram with, from September 7 – 9 at Maltstock! So get relaxed now and order your ticket in our online shop!

Annette, Bob, Klaas, Stan, Teun

Dave Broom

Dave Broom joins Maltstock 2019

Oh yes!!! Dave Broom is coming to Maltstock this year! We are very big fans of Dave. It makes us utterly relaxed to have him with us this year.

MS2Yumi joins again!

Yumi Yoshikawa very deservedly won World Brand Ambassador! She told us she will be joining us at Maltstock again this year. Amazing! There should also be a Relaxed Ambassador award…


Tony will be there, too!

Congratulations on becoming a Keeper of the Quaich, Tony van Rooijen! So very well deserved! We’ve known for years you’re a keeper. Very relaxed to see you being recognised as one of the great characters in the whisky world. And so relaxed you’re joining us again in September!


Whisky in Leiden festival

Next weekend, April 13th we’ll be available for all your Maltstock questions and suggestions (and a dram) at our relaxed stand in Leiden. We’d love to meet you there!


Tickets are available

Tickets for Maltstock 2019 are available in our new webshop. Unfortunately the Cabins are sold out but all other options are still available. Click here to go to our webshop

Upcoming events

Maltstock wil be present at:

Whisky in Leiden – – April 13

of Speyside Festival – – May 1-6



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