Macallan “The Power of Colour: Inside Edition No. 5” – Scotch Whisky News

“We can find much common ground between making and colour creation, and with Edition No. 5 we have been able to explore and celebrate these two art forms.”

Sarah Burgess, The Macallan Whisky Maker

Guided By ExcellenceNatural colour is a fundamental result of our whisky making process, expressed as one of our foundational Six Pillars. We take pride in the fact that the colour of every whisky we create is 100 percent natural. It is this particular aspect of our whisky making process that we sought to express and celebrate in this special collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute™.

The Macallan Edition No. 5

Celebrating The Macallan’s extensive natural colour spectrum and the intricate whisky making process, in partnership with masters at the Pantone Color Institute™.


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