Father’s Day from Tomatin I – Scotch Whisky News

Tomatin trout 12YO


Cured Scottish trout in 12 year old Tomatin served in a refreshing salad of crispy native apple ginger

4 x 120gr Trout fillets pin boned skinned
2 cox pippin or Braeburn apples
2” knob of fresh ginger grated (grated in to a towel wring out for ginger juice)
1 box of watercress
1 x 25ml Tomatin 12yr old malt
1tbsp Summer harvest rapeseed oil

  1.  Mix 25ml of ginger juice with 25ml set aside
    2.    Cut apples with skin on into julienne
    3.    Toss apples watercress in remaining ginger juice with rapeseed oil
    4.    Season very slightly with sea salt
    5.    10 minutes before serving pour ginger/malt mix over trout fillets
    6.    Serve salad mix in bowl and lay cured fillet over the top

 Tomatin lamb cask strength


5 spice Scotch lamb rump with spiced toasted hazelnut on Asian greens and a glazed sauce with a dram of Cask Strength

Hazelnut Dukkah

400gr chopped skinned roasted hazelnuts
300gr sesame seeds toasted
6tbs coriander seeds
4tbsp garlic powder
6 tbsp cumin seeds
4 tbsp cracked pepper
3tbsp hebridean sea salt

Mix all ingrecients together pour 3 seconds in a only, so that mix remains quite chunky Scotch Lamb rump 4 x 200gr individual portions

4tbsp Summer harvest rapeseed oil
250gr A selection of Scottish greens vegetables
250gr cooked local potatoes
1ltr lamb stock
25ml Tomatin Cask Strength

Oven 200c

1.    Ask butcher to prep 4 individual lamb rump portions
2.    Mix 1tbsp of oil with 2 tbsp hazelnut dukkah and rub over lamb then seal in a pan place in oven for 20 mins
3.    Half potatoes and place in the pan in the oven with the lamb for 10 mins
4.    After 20 mins remove lamb from oven and leave on a tray to rest for 15 mins
5.    Meanwhile cook the greens quickly in the lamb pan before making the sauce
6.    Take lamb stock and pour into to lamb pan reduce by 2/3
7.    Season sauce to and add malt at the last minute before serving

Place potatoes on a plate along with the greens then add sliced rump over the top, spoon some gravy   sprinkle with more crust for some crunch.

Tomatin pineapple legacy


Roast spiced pineapple with ice cream and Tomatin Legacy  

1 whole ripe pineapple
100gr sugar
50ml water
1 cinnamon stick
2 star anise
1 cardamom pod

  1.  Warm sugar water spices simmer until sugar has dissolved reduce liquid by 1/3 and set aside allow to cool slightly
    2.    Prepare pineapple peel core
    3.    Use long thin slices the length of the fruit
    4.    Lay slices on a tray brush spice syrup over pineapple
    5.    Roast in oven at 200c for 10 minutes
    6.    Serve with ice cream drizzle of Legacy
    (Alternative caramelise with a blow torch)

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