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Girvan 40 Year Old Cask

Distilled May 1979 – bottled May 2019 for the Sovereign label series exclusively for The Barrel.

Celebrating that special day? A landmark birthday or anniversary? This single cask hogshead has yielded just 291 bottles. Aromas of blackcurrants, toffee apples and mint with flavours of raspberries, blackberries and green herbs. This golden whisky has a of blackcurrants, toffee apples and mint. The palate is mellow but sweet with notes of raspberries, blackberries and green herbs. The is long, with lingering spice.

Girvan is a Scottish Lowland whisky distillery situated on the Ayrshire coast. It looks out to the island of Ailsa Craig the source of granite from which curling stones are shaped. William Grant and Sons Ltd opened this distillery in 1963 to supply to their blends of scotch but with careful maturation in quality casks Girvan is also able to produce excellent single grain whiskies.

Shop – Girvan 40 Year Old – £224.95

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