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Compass Box whiskies are designed to be shared. With Father’s Day coming up, we have some suggestions for how you can introduce your father to Compass Box, whether he is currently a whisky drinker or not…


If your father is fond of pulling the cork on a special bottle of white Burgundy every so often, Juveniles would be a smart choice to introduce the wonders of Scotch whisky.

Taking inspiration from the world of wine, Juveniles was created for the Parisian restaurant and wine bar of the same name. An assemblage of malts from four distilleries, Juveniles is a bright, fruity whisky made to partner great food and great company.

Try sipping it from a wine glass with an ice cube ahead of a fulfilling roast lunch.



Has dad ever tried sipping his favourite lager, IPA or wild-fermented farmhouse ale alongside a whisky? Long popularised in the United States as the boilermaker and fondly known in Scotland as the “hauf ‘n’ hauf”, serving a beer together with a glass of whisky is a terrific prelude to a sociable evening.

We have discovered that sweeter whiskies, matured in American oak barrels, make superb companions for brighter beers such as pilsners and pale ales. Great King Street Artist’s Blend, Oak Cross and Delilah’s XXV – delicious whiskies in their own right – also make for superb boilermaker material.

Whatever beer dad is partial to, after a delicious boilermaker he may end up preferring the whisky.



For many years Scottish distillers have used Sherry butts in which to age their spirits.

Made from either American or European oak, Sherry butts typically impart rich fruit-forward flavour notes to maturing Scotch whisky. However, the style of Sherry previously matured in the cask can have its own subtle influence too, with Amontillado and Fino giving different characteristics to Oloroso or Pedro Ximenez.

The Story of the Spaniard offers a unique interpretation of this bolder style of whisky, highlighting the fruitful crossovers between Scotland and southern Spain. Full, soft and sumptuous, The Story of the Spaniard bursts with notes of citrus peel, toffee, and pears poached in red wine.


At Compass Box, we love to explore the parallels that exist in the world of drinks. If your father has adventurous tastes but has never dabbled in quality spirits, introduce him to the delicious and varied world of Scotch whisky this Father’s Day. Share our brilliant newsletter with your friends


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