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Bimber releases Re-charred Oak Casks  

  • Bimber’s Re-charred Oak Casks will be available via retailers from 8th November
  • The small batch release of 5,000 bottles was fully matured in American oak casks hand charred by Bimber’s coopers

Bimber ’s has added its second – Re-charred Oak Casks to its growing range of London single malts.

Available from the 8th November, the small batch produced expression has been crafted from a vatting of heavily charred American oak casks laid down in 2016 – Bimber’s first year of production.

The initial (001) batch is bottled at 51.9% ABV, limited to 5,000 individually numbered bottles and will be available at an RRP of £65.

The selection of American Oak casks were hand charred by Bimber’s on-site coopers to level #4 char – also known as ‘Alligator char’. The deep charring process caramelised the wood sugars, adds a layer of filtering carbon to the surface of the barrel and influences the whisky by imparting distinctively sweet, rich smooth and fruity flavours into the maturing .

Speaking of the release, Founder and Master Darius Plazewski said: “We’re excited to unveil the next chapter in the story of Bimber. The re-charred oak casks we’ve selected are the perfect match for our light, layered and accessible fruity spirit. We’re incredibly fortunate to employ a team of talented coopers at Bimber – this expression highlights both their passion and the importance of their traditional craft.”

To celebrate the release and thank customers for their ongoing support, Bimber is launching a competition. Every bottle of Re-charred Oak Casks pre-ordered via the distillery’s online shop (until 12:00pm on 7th November) will be entered into a draw to win one of the very last remaining bottles of the distillery’s inaugural edition ‘The First’.


  • Bimber ‘Re-charred oak casks’

A vatting of heavily charred American oak casks.

: Orchard fruits and spit-roasted pineapple chunks are sweetened with honey, nougat and cookie dough. Oak smoke and wood char float across the nose, whilst cinnamon and pepper spicing offers an enlivening intensity.

: Red apples and ripe pears sit alongside banana bread and pineapple juice. Caramel, butterscotch sauce and split vanilla pods combine with layered pepper and ginger spicing and a characterful of charred oak.

: Enduring wood smoke supports beautifully fading fruits and perfectly balanced oaky dryness.

5,000 bottles


51.9% ABV

RRP £65

Release date: 8th November

Distribution: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Taiwan and Hong Kong

  • About Bimber

Bimber Distillery produces world-class single malt whisky, handcrafted with passion in West London. As a leading distiller of English whisky, we combine generations of rich distilling heritage, with the finest quality ingredients to create the ultimate craft whisky experience.

The seeds of Bimber were sown three generations ago in communist-era Poland, where our founder and master distiller’s grandfather, distilled his own spirits, known as moonshine. This craft was carefully perfected and passed through the generations to Darius who learnt the art of distillation from a very young age.

This rich distilling heritage has shaped and influenced our approach to spirit making. We are proud of our past and pay tribute to it with our name Bimber, which means moonshine in Polish. ​

The founders of Bimber, Darius and Ewelina, emigrated from Poland to London in 2003 and created a successful business in West London. However, Darius’s passion for whisky and distilling were always at the forefront of his mind, and when the opportunity arose to establish a whisky distillery in 2015, he knew he had to go for it. Our first casks were laid on the 26th May 2016, and we have been patiently waiting until now to release them.

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