Benromach 10; Great Price on an Award-Winning Single Malt at Federal Wine & Spirits Boston – Scotch Whisky News

Prices to Rise at least 25% due to Tariff

 so Federal has a Sale

Special Purchase: Benromach 10 YO

Limited Quantity at its lowest-ever price

Starting this month new tariffs on single malt scotches will add at least 25% to the cost of single malts coming into the country.

When they go high, we go low, so we went out and made a special purchase of an award-winning 10 year old , and are offering it at unbelievably low price.

Benromach , with a hundred years history, had been closed for several years when Gordon MacPhail bought it in 1993. After substantial improvements they reopened it in 1998 with Prince Charles presiding.

It’s a wonderful Speyside distillery whose products appeal to lovers of highland malts also.

Although Benromachs are peated, the and smoke are subtle without any of the medicinally iodine phenolics that you get in many other peated whiskies. It’s a wonderful sherry cask that is light but with so much depth and intricacy that at the 2014 World Awards, this won the  gold medal as the “Best Speyside Single Malt – 12 Years and Under.”

We think it’s wonderful and will have it open in the store for all to .

This special Benromach 10 comes in its own box of burnished gold that makes it a beautiful a gift for any lover.

And the second-best thing is its price:

Benromach 10 Y.O. 43% Reg. $57.99 –  Now $45

Gift-giving/stock up Special

Case of 6 bottles only 239.94 (39.99)

How low can you go?

Joe Howell

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